Cloud Modernisation and Optimisation

Simply migrating workloads to the cloud is only part of the cloud journey. Importantly, a business’s foundational architecture is imperative to growth in the digital economy. However, it is the cloud and application stack modernisation that makes a business a cloud first organisation.   During modernisation, we focus on refactoring and rearchitecting, as they offer businesses a greater spectrum of value. … Read more

Implementing New Tools and Processes for Business Success

In the fast-paced world of modern business, staying competitive hinges on the strategic adoption of new tools and technologies. However, this transformational journey is not without its challenges. From selecting the right solutions to ensuring seamless integration while maximising potential, navigating this complex landscape requires expertise and experience to ensure long-term success. Implementing new tools … Read more

The Advantages of Team Augmentation

To thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape, organisations must be agile, adaptable, and equipped with the right talent. Team augmentation is a powerful solution that enables businesses to tap into external talent, expertise, and resources.   Tangent Solutions offers a range of technology-based solutions, including custom software development, intelligent automation, such as robotic process automation (RPA) … Read more

Digital Transformation for the Modern Business

In an evolving digital economy, businesses need to stay up to date with industry changes to achieve long-term business success. Implementing a digital transformation strategy enables organisations to remain competitive and guides them to grow alongside new technology. As technology continues to evolve, it is increasingly important for businesses to stay ahead of the game … Read more

The Best Cloud Computing Service Providers

At Tangent Solutions, one of the questions we get asked frequently by customers is, “Which is the best cloud computing service provider in South Africa?”. It is important to remember there is a myriad of variables to consider when building a business’s cloud strategy. One is selecting the right cloud provider, and another critical decision is if … Read more

Become a Modern Organisation in the Digital Economy

Group of people working together in a hybrid space

In today’s evolving digital landscape, technology and its complimentary tools are the essential foundation of any modern organisation. In order to successfully operate and compete in the digital economy, businesses need to adopt a digital mindset as well as integrate technological solutions into their current daily operations and offerings.   In this light, Tangent Solutions strategically offers a variety of technological solutions orchestrated … Read more

Implementing Successful Intelligent Automation Processes

Group of employees smiling while working in casual common space

In an increasingly digital landscape, businesses are adopting various technologies, methodologies, tools, and processes to successfully build an organisation to compete in the digital economy. Tangent Solutions provides strategic and holistic digital solutions to assist businesses in support of this growth.  Intelligent automation is a set of technological tools required to initiate major improvements in everyday business … Read more

The Evolving Role of IT in Digital Transformation

IT workers developing digital tablet

Digital transformation is the catalyst for building a digital organisation. Architecting a digital business is crucial to effectively operating in the digital economy. At Tangent Solutions, our goal is to engineer organisations to take advantage of the evolving business landscape. As a specialised consulting house, we provide the technological and digital tools, coupled with proven … Read more

The Importance of Software Testing in Custom Development

Image of a computer screen with code and hand holding coffee and sheet of data

Tangent Solutions incorporates software testing into custom development to support the code-base integrity of digital organisations. Building a digital organisation encompasses more than offering a SaaS product or service, or simply having a ‘cool’ and aesthetically pleasing app.  Achieving business success requires a holistic approach to digital evolution, of which custom development constitutes one piece of a greater organisational transformation. … Read more

Reduce TCO with Tangent & Cisco Meraki

Business women looking over paperwork

Becoming a digital organisation requires a host of technological updates, as well as the implementation of modern methodologies, processes and best practices. Tangent Solutions provides a vast scope of these digital requirements, including IT networking infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, intelligent automation, and software development.   As a business moves along with its digital evolution, a common debate among stakeholders is around the initial cost outlay regarding … Read more

Intelligent Automation | The Next Step in Productivity

Business people in a meeting

At Tangent Solutions, we understand that today’s digital economy is characterised by digital experiences, including e-commerce, meetings, emails and data storage. In this view, a key driver of the digital economy is consumer experiences and behaviours. In order for businesses to readily compete and assist clients effectively, it would need to offer seamless digital experiences at the … Read more

The Importance of a Cloud Adoption Framework

Desktop with a cloud background

Your business has taken the first steps on its cloud journey and decided to move its workloads to the cloud. It is important to understand that there are various factors to consider in order to successfully get the most out of your cloud environment.   Tangent Solutions works with your organisation to dissect the business strategy … Read more

AWS Data Pipelines

Wooden puzzle pieces spelling data

Collect, Store, Govern & Analyse Data with Tangent Solutions x AWS Get Insights Faster with Automated Data Analytic Pipelines Data and data sources are growing rapidly both in volume and diversity. This data also needs to be securely accessed and analyzed by any number of applications and people. The size, complexity, and varied sources of … Read more

Amazon Web Services Serverless Computing

Man working in server room

AWS Serverless Tangent Solutions has expertise in designing, developing, and managing cloud-based solutions built on Serverless technologies offered on the AWS platform. With a strong focus on event-driven architectures, and microservice design, we embrace the power of specific AWS Services: AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS S3, which form the core building blocks for … Read more

The Reshaping of Internal Audit through Robotic Process Automation

The Internal Audit Internal Audit remains one of the cornerstones of an organisation’s corporate governance, as you are uniquely positioned to provide global assurance to the audit committee and senior management regarding the effectiveness of internal governance controls and risk processes.  Furthermore, internal auditors are well-placed to fulfill an advisory role on assurance coordination, effective … Read more

Finding a Quality Software Development Company

Man typing code on computer

Why Do You Need A Software Developer? There are many reasons a business client would require a top software development company. Writing good code the first-time round has many advantages. It may take a little longer, but it will avoid patching and fixing messy code in the long run.  At Tangent Solutions, we understand that the distinguishing factor … Read more

The Value of Well-Written Code in Custom Software Development

Close up of coding

Well-Written Code | The Supportive Framework of a Digital Organisation At Tangent Solutions, we understand that well-written code is the supportive framework of an effective digital organisation. Ironically, the pressures to deliver stakeholder satisfaction in today’s fast paced world often leads to businesses taking shortcuts in software development. Concerning Costs Relating to Poor Custom Software Development … Read more

The Role of a Well-Architected Framework in an Evolving Digital Landscape

Software developer looking at running code

What is the Well-Architected Framework? At Tangent Solutions, when we talk about public cloud platforms, we always reference a well-architected framework (WAF). The well-architected cloud framework is the guiding structure to architecting a healthy cloud environment. As a business solutions provider, our priority is to shape digital organisations that run effectively today while considering growth and long-term … Read more

The Importance of Digital Strategy and Planning in Cloud Cost Management

The cloud enables businesses to change the nature of how technology delivers value in an organisation. Poignantly, this shift is more than just selecting and implementing modern technology. Rather, it encompasses the purposeful redesign of implementation, operations, methodologies and governance practices in support and management of a digital foundation. It is this evolution that delivers the … Read more

Are you asking your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) the right questions?

CSP Feature Image

A well-architected cloud environment requires a host of technologies and integrations. These ecosystems are different to on-premise servers, and as a result, possess diverging complexities which need to be managed effectively. Many businesses take on cloud service providers (CSP) and consultants who should have expert knowledge to ensure successful cloud migration and cloud management. Tangent Solutions has a few pointers to help in your search for a CSP. Manage Run Away Cloud Costs … Read more

Great Culture + Great Tools = Happy, Successful Employees

Contrast is often a great teacher and I consider myself blessed by the contrast of the different working cultures at my employers. I experienced first hand how one environment can be inspirational, educational and transformative and another environment with the same role (Business Development) and same responsibilities can be an absolute nightmare. Looking back on these … Read more

Chatbots | It’s Time to Have a Conversation with your Staff & Consumers

In 1999 the film titled Bicentennial Man became a point of reference for what the future of robots held. The film told the story of how an artificially intelligent (AI) robot, which was designed to serve humans, transitioned into a human over a time span of two hundred years. While it has not been two … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Technology is Empowering People; Are you Ready for it to Empower your Business?

Work Smarter, Not Harder As technology and the digital world continue to advance, businesses have the opportunity to empower their teams, allowing them to work smarter, not harder. Artificial intelligence and machine learning has made some incredible advances in the last few months and the Tangent Solutions team is ready to take your business to … Read more

Mobile Development | Your Company Should be Developing a Mobile App. Here’s Why

How would you like to see your branding on mobile phones across the country? Sound good? Through mobile development, specifically by means of a custom application software, we’ll make it better! How would you like to see millions of users interacting with your brand on a daily basis, actively seeking your company out and engaging … Read more

There is a Whole New Technological World Available for your Business; Why Haven’t you Joined it?

Everyday something is being updated or invented This statement might sound pretty obvious, but it is surprising that even though technology is advancing, many businesses aren’t. In 2018, there are still businesses that are not online. Yes, that’s right. While some companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing the latest in technology … Read more

Microservices | Deploy Old Legacy IT Systems to the Cloud Automatically

Not only has the Tangent Solutions team automated microservices infrastructure successfully; they have also created a product that produces normalised data and caching – allowing the site speed to increase with each user. Nimble is a product developed by Tangent Solutions that uses specialised software architecture which is deployed into the Azure environment using Azure … Read more

Mobile Apps | Make Sure your Business is Investing in the Correct Technology

Tangent Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner and the 2017 Microsoft App Dev Partner of the Year, can assist you on your digital transformation journey through the creation of cutting edge mobile apps for your business. Location-based apps, Chatbots, voice recognition, wearables, artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the vogue words when discussing the … Read more

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

An enterprise mobility strategy is less about managing mobile devices and more about being an advocate for the business to enable the business to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services faster. The following guidelines can assist in your enterprise mobility strategy. Start with the End in Mind Before embarking on an enterprise mobility … Read more

Digital Transformation | You’ve Migrated to the Cloud. Now What?

You have moved to the Cloud. Where to From Here? You’ve taken digital transformation a bit more seriously and have finally made that big decision to move to the cloud. You know it is the right thing to do – better savings, better security for your data and a huge advantage for your company – … Read more

Cloud Migration | Move your Business to the Cloud in Minutes

Tangent Solutions Makes Cloud Migration Quick and Effortless  Tangent Solutions can take your existing CMS site or static content and back it up into pre-built templates which are then deployed into the cloud, also enabling easy infrastructure management. This uniquely automated system built by the Tangent Solutions team, increases efficiencies and grants clients a quicker time … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Storage | Why Pay to Manage a Big Server?

While Microsoft cloud storage has been a buzz word in technology circles for some time, many companies have opted to stay on their server-based websites as this is what they know and trust. Old technology is unreadable, inefficient and unpredictable, not to mention costly. At Tangent Solutions, we believe in owning the experience, not the … Read more

Digital Transformation | Technology Changes Daily. Stay Relevant

The year 1995 marked the advent of online shopping sites pioneered by and eBay. A revolutionary moment in consumer history and a turning point in digital transformation. Consumer habits however, were slow to adjust. Tangent Solutions, providing leading edge technology, ensured that CTM was the first to digitally transform, thereby giving them a distinctive … Read more

Teams Calling Features within the Microsoft Teams Ecosystem

At Tangent Solutions, we’ve seen quite a big push for direct routing inside of Microsoft Teams. This arises from customers who wish to use Teams in the same manner as they have been using other voice solutions. In response, Microsoft has recognised and developed a service to replicate traditional calling plans within the Teams ecosystem … Read more

A Beginners Guide to Managing Costs in Azure

Microsoft Azure is an extremely powerful and feature rich cloud environment. One can create small websites to heavily resourced virtual machines and the user journeys are largely the same. One has the ability to further scale up your resources with the movement of a dial or the click of a button. This ease of use … Read more

RPA in Finance and Accounting | Redesigning Operational Excellence through Automation

RPA in Finance and Accounting has been lauded as one of the early adoptions of game-changing technology that allows companies in these industries to boost productivity, lower costs and save much-needed time carrying out their profession. If you think about it, how many people still visit their bank branches or accountant’s office?  With 80% of … Read more

Intelligent Automation for Supply Chain Management

Until recently, supply chain management and intelligent automation have had about as much success working together, as Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi had in the Barcelona front row. As much as business professionals have tried to pair them both to improve performance and end results, developing the two assets to work in perfect harmony with … Read more

Microsoft Teams Meetings | The Essential Collaboration Tool

With lock-down in full swing around the globe, an increasing number of organisations are turning to Microsoft Teams meetings, in order to communicate across their remote workforce. In fact, with over 42 million registered daily users, the platform has proven that it can manage the huge upsurge in volume and traffic while continuing to offer … Read more

Tangent Solutions Announces Elite Strategic USN Partnership with UiPath

Tangent Solutions, a Custom Software Development and Intelligent Automation Company, and a division of Jurumani Solutions, proudly announced its USN Partnership with world-renowned Robotic Process Automation software company, UiPath. This is the first USN Partnership for UiPath in the Middle East and Africa region. This new partnership positions Tangent Solutions to provide optimised services in … Read more

Working Remotely | Enabling your Workforce through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate tool for working remotely. Yet what is it about? And what can the platform offer your organisation, over and above that of products such as Slack and Asana, to render it the ultimate collaboration toolset for your business? At Tangent Solutions, we have been using Teams as an early adopter … Read more

Robotic Process Automation

Understanding the Concept and its Impact on Enterprises Robotic process automation is the process of automating routine business tasks. It has helped enterprises in optimising the bandwidth of their employees. Robotic process automation bundled with AI is the future of enterprises. Over the past decade, the term RPA has become commonplace in enterprises. The robotic … Read more

Chatbots Could be the Saving Grace for Brands. Here’s Why

New Technology and How it Helps  There is an argument that with the rise of technology and the reality that technology is now part of our day to lives, the human race will soon lose the ability to communicate. We spend about a third of our waking lives on our smartphones and for most, the … Read more