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Published: 23 January 2023

In today’s evolving digital landscape, technology and its complimentary tools are the essential foundation of any modern organisation. In order to successfully operate and compete in the digital economy, businesses need to adopt a digital mindset as well as integrate technological solutions into their current daily operations and offerings.  

In this light, Tangent Solutions strategically offers a variety of technological solutions orchestrated to support businesses in all stages of their digital transformation journey. These solutions include intelligent automationcustom software developmentcloud servicescybersecurity, and IT networking infrastructure.

The Value of Becoming a Digital Organisation

It is imperative to digitally evolve in order to operate successfully in the digital economy. The digital economy is loosely framed on three pillars, namely, electronic business enablers, electronic business, and e-commerce

Moreover, technology is simultaneously the catalyst for and the cause of all digital stakeholder engagements and daily experiences. 
[1] According to the World Economic Forum, the World Bank estimates that the digital economy has grown faster than the traditional GDP at 2.5 times faster over the last decade. At this rate, GDP growth is derived from the digital economy. This trend is set to increase as the world embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What is the Digital Organisation?

A digital organisation is one that adopts and implements technology-based solutions alongside the necessary practices, processes, tools, and methodologies to improve operational efficiency and performance. To do so successfully, businesses need to purposefully digitally transform by implementing a digital strategy, while taking into account dependencies, risks, governance, and compliance requirements.

Digital transformation is a part of becoming a digital organisation, which encompasses adopting and implementing these modern technologies. Fundamentally, true digital transformation embraces a digital business mindset which harnesses new ways of working and operating, supported by technology.

A digital organisation should consider the internal and external business operations when adopting these various technologies and processes. Internally, it is necessary to adopt a digital business model and mindset throughout the entire organisation. This means embracing new ways of working in order to improve daily operations, and utilising relevant technological tools and digital enablers to effectively deliver business outcomes. A business would not exist without revenue and its customers. As such, the external objective of a digital organisation focuses on customer growth, experience, retention, and satisfaction.

The Importance of Becoming a Digital Organisation

As mentioned, the digital economy is constantly growing and evolving. As a result, this has encouraged the rise of digital organisations. More businesses are adopting digital mindset, developing integrated strategies, and implementing the relevant technologies required to support this transformation. In a world that is already heavily reliant on technology, a business that exists in the digital space has a greater chance of achieving long-term success by:

Reporting to enable data-driven insights and decision making  

Improving efficiency with the relevant tools and technologies tailored to the business 

Increasing productivity through collaborative tools as well as automation  

Reaching a digitally engaged audience 

Increasing electronic sales and potential revenue  

Enhancing customer experiences through digital avenues in real-time

Encouraging innovation through new ways of working and delivery 

Digitally Evolve your Business with Tangent Solutions

Tangent engineers clientcentric business solutions by following a strategic approach alongside the implementation of relevant technologies, best practices, processes, and methodologies. As such, Tangent has purposefully developed the following business solutions to enable organisations to take advantage of the digital economy

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