Tangent X Netskope Offers Cybersecurity for The Modern Business

In a digital era brimming with unprecedented connectivity and innovations, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data has never been more critical. 

Trust Tangent & Netskope to keep your business secure

As technology evolves, the way we work, and access to data has also changed.

Businesses are decentralised and data often sits in a mix of data centres. Workforces are scattered, either across the globe or following a hybrid work model. Additionally, cybersecurity threats are increasingly complex as perpetrators continuously refine their skills.

Today’s digital businesses require cybersecurity measures in place across applications, no matter where the data center or team is located.

Tangent partners with Netskope, a leader in cybersecurity solutions. Netskope’s multilayered approach to cybersecurity ensures data loss prevention and enforced governance policies, managed through a simple dashboard.

Security in Real Time

Take a look at the demo video of the workings of the Netskope client dashboard.

Stay secure and connected from anywhere with Tangent Solutions and Netskope.

Tangent X Netskope’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and APN

Upgrade from your legacy VPNs and APNs to a modern, cloud-native, zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution. Netskope’s Private Access ensures only authorised users and devices have access to your applications. Ensure your team can securely access applications, servers or private networks while enforcing policy.

SSL/TLS Decryption Appliances

Netskope provides a high-performance, cloud-native SSL/TLS decryption solution that is unlimited in its scale and ability to support SaaS and multi-cloud environments. Based on the Netskope Security Cloud platform, Netskope SSL/TLS decryption offers selective inspection of encrypted traffic based on granular policies to expose and stop malicious traffic.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Empowering you to decipher the intricacies of contemporary cloud services and web traffic, SWG ensures comprehensive visibility and context. This capability enables the enforcement of granular policy controls, safeguarding data, operations, and web access with precision.

First Generation CASB

The Cloud XD* engine offers a holistic cloud security architecture that provides real-time traffic inspection. For every transaction, Cloud XD derives deep ‘context’ of user, device, application, and data. Security admins can then develop policies that help lock down cloud application access and reduce business risk.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Utilising a combination of Netskope security tools, you can manage and view who has access to data, what data they have access to, and where that data flows. Meaning, you can enforce policies at the edge while adhering to POPI & GDPR, alongside managing the exchange of proprietary information.

Cybersecurity Solutions Delivery

Colleagues working on post-it notes
Cybersecurity Project Management

Tangent partners with Netskope to set up businesses modern IT security on a once off basis. Depending on your needs, the aspects of security selected, we integrate the solution into your current set up, alongside your governance requirements.

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Managed Cybersecurity
as A Service

Tangent helps business implement their Netskope cybersecurity package, integrating the selected security aspects into the businesses current set up. Thereafter, we are on hand to manage the system, update governance policies and help it learn.

How secure Is Your Business in the current Digital Landscape?

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