Digital Transformation | You’ve Migrated to the Cloud. Now What?


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 10 October 2021

You have moved to the Cloud. Where to From Here?

You’ve taken digital transformation a bit more seriously and have finally made that big decision to move to the cloud. You know it is the right thing to do – better savings, better security for your data and a huge advantage for your company – but the decision was just the easy part!

What are you meant to do now once you start Digital Transformation through Cloud Migration? What is your next step?

Tangent Solutions is here to help you through this big change. We have the answers to your questions and want to put your mind at ease. Digitally transforming your business is an exciting step towards advancing your business, but we understand how daunting this experience can be. 

David Nel, Microsoft Regional Director and Managing Partner at Tangent Solutions said when moving to the Azure cloud, the teams aim is to give the client a quicker time to market and make the process of digital transformation, to cloud computing, as simple as possible. 

The Tangent Solutions team developed the Cloudinator, a unique and niche software, which provides clients with a fully automated process that ‘lifts and shifts’ your company’s system and infrastructure into the Azure cloud. Nel said clients looking for the simplest and quickest cloud solution on the market, should look no further than the Cloudinator, which allows for auto deployments within a matter of minutes.

Nel said that once your businesses’ infrastructure was safely living in the cloud, the Tangent Solutions team would want to analyze your company from top to bottom. “Moving to the cloud, as an essential component of digital transformation is the first step in the right direction. The next step would be to digitally transform your systems and infrastructure – allowing your business to work smarter and more effectively.”

Tangent Solutions believes that in order for your company to adapt and utilise the Azure services effectively, legacy systems have to be adapted or updated. Tangent Solutions is able to create a solution that is suited to your specific business requirements. 

“We want to see your teams embracing digital transformation, not avoiding new software because it does not match the logical systems they require. We enter your environment with the aim to understand your company and how it works.”

Following this, a solution is designed and implemented which specifically meets the requirements of your company. When you choose to work with Tangent Solutions, you do not simply employ a digital transformation agency; you enter into a partnership which provides you with constant support and access to the skilled DevOps teams,” Nel said.

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