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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 10 October 2021

Consider this scenario. You have spent millions on ensuring that your precious data and your beautiful website is safe. What would you do if you were told that your data may have been stolen and you may have no idea since there is no way of knowing if your digital door has been opened? 

Cyber hacking is a hostile reality which unfortunately has no cure, however, by moving to the cloud you can reduce the risk of your website being hacked. Azure Cloud technologies are safer and more secure than local web hosting and you receive the benefit of Microsoft’s ‘always learning’ technologies.

Cloud service providers are placing special emphasis on creating an infrastructure which keeps your company’s data as safe as possible. This is according to David Nel, Microsoft Regional Director and Managing Partner at Tangent Solutions. 

“Moving to the cloud is highly beneficial for businesses; one of the benefits being extra security across your infrastructure which results in a reduced risk of cyber hacking.”

Microsoft, the owner of Azure cloud services, has 3 500 security engineers researching and implementing safety measures for the cloud system. In order to avoid your company being hacked, the many engineers use the concept of machine learning to help train their systems on how to mitigate potential cyber hacking threats.

What this means is that machines are watching and taking in information from all over the world with regards to hacking threats. In the event of a system being hacked, the machine notes how the hacker penetrated a system and how this can be avoided in the future. This new strategy is then applied to all the different systems housed in the Azure cloud, ensuring that safety precautions are updated when the need arises. This shows that not only are the machines constantly learning and improving, but the engineers are learning continuously too.

When migrating to the Azure cloud, Tangent Solutions suggest performing a penetration test on your website. “Penetration testing or often referred to as ‘Ethical hacking’ is the act of hacking into a system or website with the intention of finding out where the website’s vulnerabilities lie,” Nel explained. This is an important step when securing your data because it helps both you and your technical engineer understand what needs to be updated and improved on your website. By ethically hacking into your system, you could learn invaluable information about your business that may even save you trauma in the future.

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