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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 10 October 2021

Tangent Solutions Makes Cloud Migration Quick and Effortless 

Tangent Solutions can take your existing CMS site or static content and back it up into pre-built templates which are then deployed into the cloud, also enabling easy infrastructure management. This uniquely automated system built by the Tangent Solutions team, increases efficiencies and grants clients a quicker time to market. in June 2017 warned businesses about having the correct cloud migration strategy, verifying legacy systems would be supported or were able to operate in a hybrid environment, working out the costs and making sure time was on the businesses side. 

Also mentioning that one of the biggest challenges of moving to the cloud was not the systems put in place, but the teams using them. Having a team that is willing to adapt with technology is vital. 

At Tangent Solutions, we not only understand the cloud, we understand business and the people that make that business a success. Our DevOps teams are trained in helping companies adapt to the technology around them.

Two decades of development and innovation expertise, Tangent Solutions has a proven track record and can help you form new digital strategies as well as adjust current systems to suit the cloud. Not only will we find the correct environment for your unique needs, we are able to offer your business a digital transformation that is quick, painless and viable.

The Cloudinator

Cutting-edge tech exclusively offered by Tangent Solutions, helps you avoid costly infrastructure rebuilds. This fully automated process transfers your current data to a pre-built template which deploys into the Azure cloud in minutes.

Only available from Tangent Solutions – guarantees efficiency, easy access, simpler administration and lower costs on your digital transformation journey.

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