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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 14 April 2020

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate tool for working remotely. Yet what is it about? And what can the platform offer your organisation, over and above that of products such as Slack and Asana, to render it the ultimate collaboration toolset for your business? 

At Tangent Solutions, we have been using Teams as an early adopter since the beginning of 2017, to the extent that it has become an indispensable product for us. It is the primary form of communication across all our divisions. We also use Microsoft Teams when engaging with external parties, be it for a general meeting or when working on projects with our customers. In this blog, we would like to take you through the advantages of Microsoft Teams for your colleagues when working remotely, while at the same time, enriching your team’s productivity through the wide range of (newly-acquired) resources and tools at your disposal.

Why Choose Microsoft Teams? 

There is a lot more to Microsoft Teams than just hosting online meetings between colleagues. The platform extends far beyond the internal ‘intra-web’, opening the channels of communication, not only to people inside, but also to people outside of your organization. Teams forms part of Microsoft 365, a hub for teamwork into Microsoft’s Office 365 application portfolio, providing a complete content services and collaboration solution for team members working remotely.

Manage Chats – team members can utilise the platform to speak both with the collective team, and additionally to individual stakeholders within the organisation.

Hosting Meetings – replicating the face-to-face composition of team meetings using their laptop, tablet or phone through the device’s camera and microphone.

File Sharing and Presentation – Microsoft has integrated the rich files experience from products such as, SharePoint and OneDrive into the team’s view. Users are now able to collaborate, communicate and co-author content inside of the organization on a shared-access platform with the same user experience and fidelity as they would have previously done on their desktop Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.

Microsoft Teams, as part of the Office 356 ecosystem has transformed the way in which workplaces collaborate and share, creating a one-stop digital dashboard that streamlines your business processes, complete with a backend ecosystem of virtually any Microsoft application you need to call on.

Do I need to worry about Online Security while Working Remotely?

Because Microsoft Teams is ring-fenced inside of Office 365, every user benefits from the richness of Microsoft’s intelligent security graph. Microsoft takes online security seriously, investing more than $1 billion a year to ensure that Teams and the rest of the cloud platform is protected from attack by using advanced threat protection and analytics inside of your office 365 tenant. What Microsoft formerly managed as its Security and Compliance Centre, they have now doubled down on security by splitting admin panels into a separate, dedicated Security Centre and Compliance centre. They have introduced intuitive mechanisms to help companies become more secure using the compliance score, and security score, to detect and mitigate any unauthorized logins and track usage. Reassuringly, this translates into, your remote based workforce benefiting from the bullet-proofed security measures expected from one of the world’s biggest technology companies.

How can global brands leverage the potential of Microsoft Teams for Remote-Based Success?

We previously mentioned “enriched productivity”, as being the minimum standard for colleagues using Microsoft teams while working remotely. Let’s ask the question. “What are the top brands doing with Teams to drive a competitive advantage for global businesses? L’Oréal has embraced Microsoft Teams to successfully manage and consolidate more than 43 international brands across all continents. They believe that the most effective way to manage innovation is to have real, engaged communities, all bound by the same goal. In a fast-moving digital world, where colleagues working remotely across the world need to be collaborating flawlessly across many assets and entities, Microsoft Teams was the game-changer that allowed all those assets to be communicated seamlessly as one integrated solution. L’Oréal is strongly convinced that Microsoft 365 and teams came perfectly, at the right moment, to revolutionize the way they operate and ultimately, what they can offer to our consumers.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, where a large portion of the workforce have suddenly woken up to the reality of working remotely, Tangent Solutions has been assisting numerous customers to move to the cloud for over 10 years. We specialise in Azure, the cloud-solutions platform upon that Microsoft Teams runs on. In an environment where your perimeter networks extend beyond brick and mortar, Tangent Solutions is expertly positioned to assist your team to collaborate, communicate, and improve our productivity from wherever you are working from. Contact us today to request a demo and discover the Tangent approach of providing safe, reliable and cost-effective Cloud solutions for our clients.

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