Mobile Development | Your Company Should be Developing a Mobile App. Here’s Why


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 26 October 2021

How would you like to see your branding on mobile phones across the country? Sound good? Through mobile development, specifically by means of a custom application software, we’ll make it better! How would you like to see millions of users interacting with your brand on a daily basis, actively seeking your company out and engaging with you?

Sounds like a dream right? Wrong.

Mobile Development, in particular, apps, are massive and if you have not already invested in one for your company – you need to pick up your phone and make the first step right now.

Consumers spend 89 percent of their time using mobile apps and only 11 percent on mobile web browsers according to If your business is not up to date with this statistic, then you should be asking yourself what you are missing out on, by neglecting your brand’s mobile development.

While apps are a must, it is so easy to buy into the idea without actually knowing why your company needs one. David Nel, a Microsoft regional director and managing partner at Tangent Solutions, said mobile development apps need to house different content to a business’s websites. If you are looking to develop an app for your business, you need to define your ‘mobile moment’ first – that moment that draws people to open and utilize what your app has to offer.

Nel said there were so many companies in South Africa that had invested in apps which failed because their digital development partners had not thought about what the mobile moment was for the brand. A mobile moment is defined as the point where a consumer reaches for their phones and seeks to find out specific information, which only your brand can provide. If your business can provide the answers to the specific information that the consumer seeks, then you have found your mobile development moment and are ready to start developing your app.

Your app should be designed to improve the brand experience with your consumers and should be designed to represent your brand in its entirety, because your app is going to be on consumer’s screens every time they look at their phone – which is on average 5 hours a day, according to research provided on Statista.

Tangent Solutions help brands create innovative mobile apps that take the business to the next level. Not only are they taking apps to the next level in South Africa – they are helping brands define their mobile moment. “With one of our retail clients, we aimed to create more engagements between the brand and the consumers. Through mobile development, we developed an app that assisted consumers with their home renovations. The app became everyone’s personal home assistant, making the calculations and purchasing decisions easy for customers,” Nel said.

“Essentially, the user can make all the big decisions without leaving their couch,” Nel said.

Tangent Solutions defined the mobile moment for this client and designed an app that best suited the objectives of the brand.

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A mobile app has the potential to take your business from a second thought to top of mind with consumers, if it is designed correctly, and offers consumers something new and exciting.