There is a Whole New Technological World Available for your Business; Why Haven’t you Joined it?


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 26 October 2021

Everyday something is being updated or invented

This statement might sound pretty obvious, but it is surprising that even though technology is advancing, many businesses aren’t.

In 2018, there are still businesses that are not online. Yes, that’s right. While some companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing the latest in technology help their business grow and thrive, there are others still trying to figure out how to get online.

While it can be a little overwhelming for a business that may not have been updated in a while to do so, the only way to advance is to change and adapt. New technology can allow your business to double its turnover if your strategy is correct and digital transformation is embraced.

David Nel, Microsoft Regional Director and Managing Partner at Tangent Solutions said “At Tangent Solutions, we are constantly trying to find and develop the next best technological advancement, however, we understand that some clients may be overwhelmed with the idea of updating their infrastructure. We recognise this and have made it our mission to help them cross over into the future, together.”

If your systems or website is slow, constantly crashing or cannot keep up with traffic it receives, it is probably a good idea to update it. “Your technology should not be a reason to lose business,” Nel said. “Rather, it should be an asset that only ever helps and improves your company.”

New technology is extremely exciting because it holds so much potential for businesses to make use of. There are so many opportunities for brands to connect to their consumers – Artificial Intelligence, for example, gives brands the opportunity to install a chatbot function onto their website which can act as a personal selling consultant to consumers online. Once your company has experienced the benefits of updated technologies, you will wonder how you ever functioned before.

Updated software also means extra security for your data. Outdated websites are at a much higher risk of being hacked, simply because your security processors are old and vulnerable.

“Using our unique set of skills, Tangent Solutions are able to build solutions which are designed to help you get the most out of technology.” Not only does Tangent Solutions update your software, we digitally transform your entire infrastructure using one of the many niche solutions that are on offer. “We do not simply design a solution for our clients and then abandon them. We help make the transition easy for them by helping train their staff in the new technology,” Nel said. 

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