Microservices | Deploy Old Legacy IT Systems to the Cloud Automatically


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 26 October 2021

Not only has the Tangent Solutions team automated microservices infrastructure successfully; they have also created a product that produces normalised data and caching – allowing the site speed to increase with each user.

Nimble is a product developed by Tangent Solutions that uses specialised software architecture which is deployed into the Azure environment using Azure Container Services. The product was first developed three years ago when a team of 17 developers integrated five legacy business systems into a single pane front end system for a large telecommunications company in South Africa.

Throughout the development, the team adjusted, recoded and created a product that could be used on multiple projects, reducing build-time and increasing business efficiencies.

Nimble is a cutting edge product which is built on Ruby and Python. Developers can use multiple languages for the many systems a company requires or has and deploy them to the cloud in silos, not affecting the overall site or system. Built in isolation, Tangent Solutions can guarantee zero downtime when deploying microservices to the cloud.

Nimble’s differentiating factor is the normalisation of data. It integrates with an existing data source – regardless of the format – and exposes data via JSON. Thus making it easily consumed by the modern client.

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