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Becoming part of the digital economy requires an organisation to adopt a digital approach to business. As technology evolves, so does the demand for faster communications, interconnected workforces, and superior stakeholder experiences.  


Digital technology is a primary influencer in how we engage with stakeholders, as well as how we perceive and create value. A digital organisation purposefully designs and embraces technology alongside the associated methodologies, processes and practices to enable business. Tangent has strategically defined key specialised ICT areas that help shape digital organisations. 


As a business continues to grow and mature, each area as well as the business environment will catalyse the need for another area. This process evolves to become a self-maturing cycle.

Tangent Automation

As the digital economy operates on technology and the globe becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses operate in an always–on experiential environment.  

Remaining competitive in this digital landscape requires the implementation of strategic tools, modern methodologies, and processes.  Automation plays an essential role in augmenting your current workforce within a digital economy.  

Is your business always working for you, even when you are not at your desk?  

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Tangent Cloud

Becoming a cloud first organisation is a key component in a business’s digital evolution. Doing so effectively and efficiently requires selecting the right cloud service provider to guide you on your cloud migration and management journey.  

Tangent is a cloud solutions provider, partnering with two of the world’s largest public cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

Tangent Code

Custom software development is an essential supportive framework for your business IP. 

Writing good code based on best practices and developing applications that work effectively today as well as for the future is essential in determining business success.  

Tangent Code works with your business to build and fix web and mobile applications, enabling future proof digital organisations. 

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Tangent Connect

Cybersecurity is a primary concern in today’s hybrid and remote workforce.

Ensuring your business can connect securely and seamlessly from any location is vital to the integrity of your organisation.  

Keep your business data secure with Tangent Connect.