About Tangent Solutions

Launched in 2010 by Dave Nel and Ian Roberts, Tangent Solutions was inspired by the idea of wanting to deliver technology efficiently and better. Over the years the business had grown and was a successful custom development partner in the industry. Fast forward to 2019, almost a decade later, Tangent became a subsidiary of a well-known telco supplier, Jurumani Solutions

Today, Tangent is a full-service IT solutions provider, offering specialised services across custom development, intelligent automation, cloud services, modern workplace services, cybersecurity and IT networking infrastructure. We have broken these specialisations into various solutions areas, Tangent Automation, Tangent Cloud, Tangent Code and Tangent Connect.

Our core reason for starting Tangent remains. We are committed to engineering organisations for a dynamic and digital future! Our vision, mission and values have been defined to enable us to deliver on this premise. Furthermore, each of these premises is a precursor and enabler of the other, creating synergy and enabling a cyclical environment.

Our Vision

Deliver industry-leading integrated solutions that realise potential, foster long-term success, and enhanced stakeholder experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure businesses are well positioned by:

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Formulating solutions that
enable success

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Cutting out the noise

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Hiring the right

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Collaborating for success

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Strategically growing our solution’s footprint in select economies and business hubs

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Selecting the right vendors and partners

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Purposefully building a culture geared towards the digital economy

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Delivering value, early and often

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Putting people and experiences at the centre of our solutions 

Our Values

Our values are defined by a simple acronym, POWER, which further guides our decision making and delivery model. At Tangent we are;

Passionate about people
Obsessed with technology
Work together as a team
Empathetic to customers & colleagues
Results driven

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