The Evolving Role of IT in Digital Transformation


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 25 October 2022

Digital transformation is the catalyst for building a digital organisation. Architecting a digital business is crucial to effectively operating in the digital economy. At Tangent Solutions, our goal is to engineer organisations to take advantage of the evolving business landscape. As a specialised consulting house, we provide the technological and digital tools, coupled with proven expertise, skills, methodologies, best practices, and processes, to enable digital business operations in the digital economy.

Adapt & Grow Technology Solutions to Build a Digital Organisation

Simplistically the digital economy can be characterised as digital business, digital technology enablers and digital commerce. It is the technology enablers that are crucial to engineering a functional digital organisation, which can effectively execute positive digital experiences as well as digital commerce at scale and autonomously while remaining cost efficient.

Digital Technology Enablers Incorporates Skills, Expertise, Methodologies, Tools, Best Practices & Processes

Digital technology solutions refer to more than selecting the right technologies for business. It includes the integrations, best practices, processes and methodologies required to create an efficient digital ecosystem which underpins any digital enterprise.

Selecting the right team is crucial. Building a team that can correctly architect, re-engineer, integrate as well as innovate across specialisations within the tech and digital space is an immense exercise. These teams need to understand business and have completed various projects, ideally with cross functional experience.
Delivering valuable digital experiences. Companies need to view IT as a digital experience enabler, which happens to use technology. Supporting and architecting seamless digital experiences for all stakeholders is the fundamental aim of a digital organisation. It is with this in mind that businesses pragmatically build and train the teams that can ensure technology is well architected as well as implemented within the business.
Evolving and growing the skills, expertise & methodologies for a digital organisation. Traditionally, IT was viewed as a standalone business function required for daily business operations in a technical support capacity. However, businesses now require more than an IT helpdesk to simply fix printer and internet connectivity issues. These teams now enable the digital experiences on which digital organisations are built.
Strategically choosing tools fit for purpose & building future proof roadmaps is integral to success. Moreover, there are so many products out there selecting business tools that can serve the organisation now and in the future should form a core aspect of the broader strategy. The business plan for future changes must note the abilities of the current architecture, code base and assets available to support this roadmap.
Tech vs skills, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. There are more technologies and digital products available to businesses than ever before. Knowing what technology is right for your business and how to implement, integrate, as well as manage said technologies requires specialised skills.
The knock on effect, as the tech landscape evolves, technology specialisations emerge. Furthermore, they continue to mature, and as such, finding the right talent at the right time to fill business requirements becomes increasingly complex. The ability to manage this rate of growth falls outside the mandate of many organisations due to the sheer scale and cadence of technological changes.
Global skills shortages make this situation increasingly convoluted, as the current shortage of specialist tech skills stretches across the globe. So, building and keeping skilled teams in a highly competitive market becomes even more challenging. In this view, businesses must implement future-focused training programmes complemented by pragmatic retention strategies.

Partnering to Bridge the Technological Gap between Digital Needs & Digital Capabilities

There are many benefits to taking on a technology solutions partner. Companies of all types and sizes can access technology solutions support that delivers the resources required to enable strategic digital business growth. Moreover, partnering allows organisations to maximise efficiency and value without having a full-fledged in-house tech team.

Depending on your business requirements, Tangent offers a range of technology solutions delivery options across our specialised areas. All our specialised areas offer diverse services which can be accessed through different delivery options.

We provide tech solutions management as a service, project, and consulting delivery services, as well as resource augmentation. However, the delivery option is dependent on the service being offered by the specialised area, as well as the product required by the client. Client requests are assessed on an individual basis, and the best technology solution delivery options are suggested in consultation.

Tangent’s technology solutions include intelligent automation, custom software development, cloud computing services, cybersecurity, and IT networking infrastructure. As a client, you benefit from a host of skills and knowledge across a vast sphere of technological specialisation fields, and you only need to contract one supplie

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