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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 29 September 2022

At Tangent Solutions, we understand that today’s digital economy is characterised by digital experiences, including e-commerce, meetings, emails and data storage. In this view, a key driver of the digital economy is consumer experiences and behaviours. In order for businesses to readily compete and assist clients effectively, it would need to offer seamless digital experiences at the rate and pace required by the consumer. In part, the digital economy is the reason for and a result of the instant gratification culture

RPA Productivity in Numbers

According to our RPA partner UiPAth, businesses on average have reported the following results: 

10X Business Growth
$1 Billion Operational Savings
200% Increase in Customer Acquisition
HR Departments  Worldwide adopting RAP Technology Reclaim up to 40% of their Time
15 to 1 Return on Investment

The Role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
in Increasing Productivity

RPA allows businesses to simplify and automate everyday, repetitive tasks, reduce time spent on manual efforts, and thus free up time for people to focus on strategy, innovation, as well as growth. Thus, automation, when implemented correctly and strategically, ultimately leads to increased productivity and happier staff alongside business efficiencies. 

Operate Effectively in the Digital Economy with Intelligent Automation

A business that seamlessly operates in the digital economy is defined as a modern organisation. Building a digital business requires various building blocks in the form of technology, methodology, supporting process change and best practice implementation

  • Think of automation as ‘codebots’, little snippets of code that do things for you. These bots are highly specific and customised to suit the chosen processes. They can be seen as digital employees in a company that work 24/7, meaning they complement a business’s current workforce. 

Manage High Volume Requests

Automating the check-in process in the healthcare industry eliminates human error and allows digital paperwork to be processed quickly as well as accurately, ensuring faster service. 

Young teachers discussing paperwork of their students while checking them
Young black woman working in a call centre

Support the Increased Need in Call Centres

Agents supported by RPA are pulling customer data faster, ensuring a faster call triage process, faster routing to the appropriate agents, and reduced average call handling time.

Furthermore, chatbots act as customer self-service portals for high-volume repeatable requests, reducing the load on call centre agents. 

Prepare & Enable a Remote Workforce​

Automating the process of registering new equipment for remote workers, associating the equipment to the worker and creating new users for the VPN.

Remote Work. Young African American Freelancer Guy Working With Laptop At Cafe
Close up view of businesswoman holding clipboard while sitting a hr workplace.

Process Essential Employee Authorisation

robot fills in government-mandated forms for companies that must justify essential employee travel, reducing the processing time per employee to 10 seconds.

Fill Orders Faster

To meet the exponential increase in demand for certain items, one customer is now shipping directly from the manufacturing location to the customer. RPA processes all orders and enters them into SAP to get the order to the manufacturing centre faster.  

Asian online shop seller talking and packing box

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