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Pragmatically, a well architected digital organisation requires a foundation that can support its current operations, while focusing on its growth and future operational state requirements.

Taking a cloud first approach to business enables the delivery of internal and external organisational value. Moreover, proper implementation manages costs and ensures the business can efficiently respond to operational needs while still delivering business growth.

At Tangent Solutions, we understand that a good foundation requires more than a ‘one size fits’ all approach. In fact, it is the delivery of progressive technologies, methodologies, practices, and processes, referred to as a cloud first approach.

Benefits of a Cloud First Approach to Business

Mitigating Risk
in the cloud

There is a notable escalation of cyber security risks and the associated data loss across the globe. The benefit of being in a well-architected public cloud, underpinned by best practices and protocols, ensures businesses are well protected from malicious threats.

Flexible Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Strategies

Depending on your strategic needs, you may require an integrated approach to cloud and on-premise data environments. In a cloud first business, a customised approach will be implemented based on a detailed assessment of your current environment and future state needs.

Flexibily and

By implementing a cloud first approach to business, which naturally integrates a well-architected framework, your organisation will be set up to automatically scale to your daily needs. In parallel, this approach ensures business flexibility on demand, with the ability to provision within hours.

Enforce and
Deliver Governance

An environmental analysis and strategic delivery framework is imperative to engineering a cloud first organisation. By exposing all areas of concern, a business can enhance data security and manage risk through the proper implementation of governance from the start. This allows for the smooth running of cloud environments.

Expose New Ways of
Working and Delivery

Through the delivery of progressive methodologies, processes, and practices, aligned to a digital approach to business, organisations are better equipped to compete in the digital economy.  The increased flexibility and efficiency in daily operations allows for less down time and improved stakeholder experiences.

Deliver Security
by Design

Cloud first businesses benefit from all the cloud ‘Ity’s’, including reliability, security, flexibility, and scalability from the start. By implementing controls and governance best practices, companies inevitably ensure additional management of accessibility and security.

Deliver Sustainable & Future Proof Cloud Environment

A cloud first approach includes the implementation of digital organisational operations models that deliver quick wins as well as long term success. Meaning, cloud migration is the first step. This must form part of a digital strategy which includes a pragmatic approach to iterative updates and tooling.

Flexible consumption

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to cloud delivery, migration, and licencing. It is vital to understand the cloud environment and it’s costing options alongside the best time to use them. Taking on the correct skills in conjunction with a cloud service provider can help inform and guide businesses in cost management as they take on a FinOps approach to finance. 

Tangent's Approach to Cloud

A Strategic
Approach to Cloud
Environments and

A cloud environment is not stagnant, it is therefore imperative that it is closely monitored and optimised for growth and change, allowing adaptability over time. At Tangent, we take a dual approach to developing strategic cloud solutions for your business. This includes iterative updates, data driven decision making, as well as automated governance and scaling.

As your organisation and surrounding technologies develop and evolve, so should your cloud environment. To this end, ensuring cloud health and performance is core to the operation of a digital company. In order to ensure optimal performance, businesses must implement best practices and pragmatic digital strategies that deliver iterative updates with long term success in mind. This is highlighted in our B/SOI diagram below.

The Pillars of a Well Architected Cloud Framework

All cloud environments require a solid foundation. The well-architected framework aims to support the integrity of a cloud structure, creating stability and efficiency for the long term.

Find out more about the role of a well-architected framework in your cloud journey.

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Cloud FAQs


Is the Cloud Safe?


One of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud is the advantage of enhanced security. You have more control over where your data is stored and who has access to it. Data is automatically encrypted, with options to further encrypt data across various levels. It is imperative, however, that a comprehensive strategy is implemented to control cloud security.


Is Cloud More Expensive than On-Premise Infrastructure?


Following cloud best practices, which includes an environmental assessment, alongside a well-architected framework, skills and strategy, are imperative to cloud cost management. In tandem, digital business operations need to modernise in order to support and effectively utilise their digital competitive edge. FinOps is an emerging approach to financial operations in response to technology and smart businesses. Escalating costs are indicative of bad architecture, governance and ineffective data metrics. Cost management is therefore a consequence of a cloud first approach to business.


How do you Manage Risks in the Cloud?


Taking a cloud first approach to business, alongside finding the right skills when migrating and managing a cloud environment, is imperative to mitigating risks in the cloud. There is a shortage of skills across the globe in the IT sector, meaning finding the right experience is challenging. As such, choosing the right cloud service provider (CSP) offers the benefits of skills across a range of industries and ensures your business is architected for success in the cloud.