Make Smart Cameras even Smarter with Tangent X Cogniac

Cogniac, in partnership with Cisco Meraki, is paving the way to take computer vision to the next level by combining data visualisation and process automation.

Transform Visual Data with Cogniac

Cisco Meraki, in collaboration with Cogniac, leverages Cogniac’s low-code platform, AI, and convolutional neural networks to enhance operational performance. Unlike traditional computer vision systems limited to single-use cases, Cogniac’s adaptive AI excels in managing multiple tasks concurrently.

Cogniac’s strength lies in processing vast amounts of visual data with exceptional accuracy and speed. Using deep learning algorithms, Cogniac detects and identifies objects, analyses patterns, and extracts meaningful information from images and video streams in real-time.

Cogniac is reshaping the computer vision landscape, empowering businesses to unleash the full potential of data visualisation, process automation, and informed decision-making. This technology is versatile, user-friendly, and prioritises data privacy.

The Benefits of Cogniac’s Computer Vision AI Platforms

Efficient Quality

Cogniac’s AI computer vision aids in efficient quality control, analysing visual data in real-time to identify defects or irregularities, ensuring consistent and precise inspection even in high-production environments.

Safety Compliance &
Security Monitoring

Cogniac’s technology ensures adherence to safety protocols and security standards by capturing and analysing visual data, providing a clear record of compliance and facilitating external audits.

Adaptable Across

The versatility of Cogniac's AI extends to various industries and use cases, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and being easily deployable across different environments.

User-Friendly Configuration

Cogniac's intuitive interfaces allow for the configuration, training, and customisation of AI models without the need for extensive programming knowledge, making it accessible for all businesses.

Data Privacy and Security

Cogniac prioritises data privacy through secure end-to-end encryption, ensuring the protection of sensitive visual data throughout the entire process.

Enhanced Learning Capabilities

Through machine learning, the AI platform refines its accuracy and efficiency as it processes more images, continuously improving its performance.

Scalable & Agile Solutions

Cogniac's AI is adaptable to high-volume industries, offering various deployment models for scalability and agility in different operational environments.

Cogniac’s Smart Camera Technologies across Industries


Cogniac’s comprehensive solutions encompass metal stamping defect detection, product configuration assembly, and VIN number recognition, providing versatile applications tailored for the automotive industry.

These offerings allow clients to create their own solutions within the Cogniac platform, empowering industry experts with AI capabilities.

Additionally, Cogniac has introduced the capability to identify upholstery and paint defects, surpassing the limitations of traditional machine vision systems.

Packaging & Kitting

Cogniac’s advanced technology empowers enterprises to elevate customer service quality. In the packaging and kitting sector, accuracy and efficiency are essential due to rising consumer demand.

Collaborating with complex manufacturing entities ensures strict quality standards are upheld. Errors at this crucial stage result in the wastage of materials and products. However, the most significant impact of errors in packaging and kitting is the substantial financial burden.

Downtime on production lines incurs opportunity costs and the need for additional parts production, potentially leading to multi-million-dollar losses per shift for businesses.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Cogniac’s AI machine vision offers exceptional accuracy and efficiency in diverse and intricate manufacturing and industrial environments.

The sector’s complexity challenges human experts in maintaining strict quality standards, where Cogniac’s AI excels across multiple industries, ensuring consistent operations.

With its flexible AI platform, Cogniac enables advanced machine vision solutions in various settings, whether cloud-based, on-premises, or through EdgeFlow systems.

Shipping & Logistics

In today’s e-commerce-driven landscape, logistics companies are under pressure to meet precise delivery expectations.

Cogniac’s AI supports maintaining these high standards. The cutting-edge OCR technology identifies text at sharp angles, enabling machine vision across various environments in the logistics sector. Whether it’s reading codes on parcels or identifying numbers on shipping containers, Cogniac sets a global standard for interpreting visual data in logistics.

Using neural networks, Cogniac offers an advanced method, ensuring exceptional accuracy compared to traditional image matching.

Safety & Security

Cogniac’s machine vision capabilities aid businesses in monitoring operations and compliance. The AI platform detects perimeter security, PPE usage, and trespassing in real-time. It quickly learns to identify different items of clothing or PPE using existing CCTV systems.

This solution ensures swift compliance and safety improvements. It also effectively handles serious security concerns such as trespassing and intrusion, even in low-light or with camouflage attire. Overall, Cogniac’s powerful AI maintains consistent safety and security records, benefiting both internal management and external audits.