The Importance of Software Testing in Custom Development


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 14 October 2022

Tangent Solutions incorporates software testing into custom development to support the code-base integrity of digital organisations. Building a digital organisation encompasses more than offering a SaaS product or service, or simply having a ‘cool’ and aesthetically pleasing app. 

Achieving business success requires a holistic approach to digital evolution, of which custom development constitutes one piece of a greater organisational transformation. As such, Tangent offers various digital solutions to enable the success of this change. These solutions include custom software developmentintelligent automationcloud services, cybersecurity, and IT networking infrastructure

Adapt & Grow to build a Digital Organisation Technology Solutions in Custom Development & User Experience (UX)

There are multiple stages to software development, and ideation is merely the starting point. Often, excited by the prospective idea and due to time constraints, companies focus on the building of applications and negate various stages of software product development, including testing.
  • Testing plays a vital role in delivering positive UX, as it is the analysis of an application’s functionality and usability.  
  • Testing is part of a holistic software development solution, as such Tangent develops custom software and applications utilising coding best practices, processes, and methodologies, which includes testing, planning, roadmaps, and definition documentation.  
  • The success of an application within a business requires various functioning pillars. The Agile Testing Quadrant analyses these pillars, and as such surfaces the overall functionality and usability of the application.  

Tangent’s Software Testing Process with the Agile Quadrant Approach

As part of Tangent’s testing process, we initiate a discovery phase, utilsing the existing environment. We analyse current testing capabilities with the intention to deliver a tailored test strategy

  • The four quadrants are foundational, these are merely a guideline, are not in a particular order, nor are they mutually exclusive. This allows Tangent to deliver tailored testing strategies dependent on the business needs.  

  • Not all testing processes are the same, we define the testing process based on the desired business outcome using various models in order to design customised testing processes.  

  • Review current capabilities in order to design a strategic test blueprint. This includes allocation of resources, execution, management, as well as reporting measurements and metrics.  

Enabling Business Success with the Right Software Development Company

Testing is vital to enable higher levels of efficiency in software development, as well as assisting in the reduction of the knock-on effects and potential errors. Moreover, testing speeds up the delivery process of new features, allowing for ease of deployment without breaking existing functionality. 

Tangent implements an Agile Testing Quadrant approach through a DevOps methodology when building and testing custom applications. This ensures continuous testing and improvements throughout the life cycle of a digital application.  

The continuous testing in software will inevitably lead to developing future-proof applications that consist of good code, reliable infrastructure, and positive stakeholder experiences. These are key for business as it allows them to better adapt in order to meet internal and external requirements. Finding the right software development partner is imperative to enable this success. 

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