Teams Calling Features within the Microsoft Teams Ecosystem


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 10 October 2021

At Tangent Solutions, we’ve seen quite a big push for direct routing inside of Microsoft Teams. This arises from customers who wish to use Teams in the same manner as they have been using other voice solutions. In response, Microsoft has recognised and developed a service to replicate traditional calling plans within the Teams ecosystem – known as Teams calling.

This forms part of a 3 Blog series focusing on enabling your Remote Workforce through Microsoft teams. This article concludes the series, with an overview of the powerful call functionality which perfectly rounds out the Microsoft Teams value offering for your remote workforce.

The Microsoft 365 Calling Plan

We know Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork inside of Microsoft 365. But how do we extend that to being able to make a traditional, trunk call inside to a landline or mobile number, inside of Microsoft Teams? This can be achieved, and even rolled out across your entire organisation, through a ‘Calling Plan’, add-on service. By connecting 365 to an external session board controller or your PSTN gateway, you can now use the Teams calling interface to call a landline or cellphone, just as you would, on a handheld device. It is essentially about taking that rich experience from Teams and extending it to not only your softphone on your desktop but also extending it to your mobile device. So you can now make a call from teams through your mobile app, both on iOS and Android. Adapted to your specific organisational needs, it can connect up to five salespeople, who can actually conduct traditional telephone calls from their desktop.

Expanded Audio Conferencing Facilities

As an expanded feature to users who may not currently use the Teams app, individuals can now dial in to enjoy the same experience as if they were sitting inside the Teams call. It is available in South Africa and works through the provision and sharing of dialing numbers to external parties. At Tangent Solutions, we use the audiocodes platform inside of Microsoft Azure, which has been successful in migrating many of our customers VoIP systems over from third party providers. Teams is literally your single “pane of glass” for workplace communication and processes. With the addition of Teams calling, and the ability to make traditional calls, there really is no need to leave the ecosystem.

How Can my Workforce Connect to Teams Calling?

As a certified Microsoft solutions provider, Tangent Solutions can conduct an existing assessment of your company’s existing telecommunication setup, with a view to extending this inside of your Microsoft Teams ecosystem. While South Africa does not yet have “calling plans”, the service can easily be activated through a third-party provider. We can then connect everything through Cloud solutions and simplify the process, getting your team quickly connected, communicating, and virtually succeeding. 

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