Great Culture + Great Tools = Happy, Successful Employees


Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 26 October 2021

Contrast is often a great teacher and I consider myself blessed by the contrast of the different working cultures at my employers. I experienced first hand how one environment can be inspirational, educational and transformative and another environment with the same role (Business Development) and same responsibilities can be an absolute nightmare. Looking back on these experiences it has become crystal clear the importance of culture and empowering your employees to be the best they can be. 

Tangent | Inspirational and Transformative

  • Immediate training and mentorship on starting.
  • Well organised and easy to find information.
  • Own choice of preferred laptop.
  • Great pricing tools.
  • Great management and guidance.
  • Great content available.
  • Freedom to be creative.
  • Autonomy in your work.
  • Transparency, great reward structure and incentives.
  • Open door policy with Exco.

Previous employer:

  • Gate keepers holding and protecting product information.
  • Low cost, low performance laptop.
  • People bottlenecks and very slow inconsistent turnarounds on pricing.
  • Weak management, no measuring of fundamentals.
  • Dependency on non-customer facing teams.
  • No autonomy in daily work.
  • Poorly defined and structured incentives.
  • Siloed teams and business units, with unreachable executives.
  • Difficult and frustrating processes and tools.

Quite often the process of bringing new tools to life can be long and difficult minefield of corporate politics, hidden agendas and corporate ego’s. 

Change is resisted due to fear, ingrained habits and culture. Companies need to embrace being disruptive. Not necessarily disrupting their market with a new product, but disrupting themselves to bring change to processes that aren’t working.

Using this experience Tangent conceptualised and developed a sales tool, The Travelling Salesman, for companies which can be used to empower employees and drive customer engagement.

The Travelling Salesman allows companies to do the following:

  • Differentiate on first engagement through an evolved elegant toolset.
  • Control the customers pre-sales experience, through fast response times.
  • Deliver detailed and accurate proposal within 24 hours of consulting a potential customer.
  • Provide same day feedback on any supporting technical information.
  • Automatically add opportunities to sales forecast.
  • Immediately provide status updates on pending installations.
  • Remove dependency on non customer facing teams.
  • Get the pricing structure right for quick deal closure.
  • Automated feasibility and availability of recommended tech.

The Travelling Salesman allows our customers to close a lot more deals, create happy informed customers and bring back the joy of responding on time to their customers. 

Businesses previously handicapped by the slow proposal processes started showing the power of a inspirational culture of autonomy. The number of proposal these businesses have been generating and closing with this new toolset proves my point in this article.

Great culture + great tools = happy successful employees and as a by product, happy customers.

Tangent Solutions uses a unique development framework based on agile development methods to deliver mobile, web and e-commerce solutions. 

Please contact us should you wish to automate slow outdated processes and present your current data in more intuitive friendly format.

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