Microsoft Cloud Storage – Why pay to manage a big server when you can move your business to the Cloud?

While Microsoft cloud storage has been a buzz word in technology circles for some time, many companies have opted to stay on their server-based websites as this is what they know and trust.

Be that as it may, this old technology is unreadable, inefficient and unpredictable, not to mention costly.

At Tangent Solutions, we believe in owning the experience, not the infrastructure. The underlying infrastructure for Tangent Solutions Elastic platform is the Microsoft cloud storage platform, Azure, which gives the product the stability, speed and scalability that customers and end-users expect.

Mimicking the flexibility and adaptability of an elastic band, our cloud-based Elastic Commerce websites scale on demand, which begs the question; why pay for server space when your business does not require it? State of the art failovers and disaster recovery makes sure your site is never offline and that you are always trading.

Supporting several of South Africa’s largest online retailers, Tangent Solutions has mastered the art of moving big business to Microsoft cloud storage. We have made it our mission to be industry’s best and to make this process a seamless experience for our clients.

Connect with Tangent Solutions and we will go the distance with you on your digital transformation journey.