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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 2 August 2022

AWS Serverless

Tangent Solutions has expertise in designing, developing, and managing cloud-based solutions built on Serverless technologies offered on the AWS platform. With a strong focus on event-driven architectures, and microservice design, we embrace the power of specific AWS Services: AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS S3, which form the core building blocks for our solutions.

Serverless Services

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Run code without having to manage servers! Tangent has used these services in cases where monolithic applications have been modernised to be decoupled into functional blocks, allowing us to optimize execution of logic for cost, performance, and reliability.
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Manage a fully-fledged API resources, methods, authorisation and even documentation – without touching a single server! These services are a vital wrapper used in solutions developed by Tangent, as it forms the integration plane between many subsystems, and inter-linked projects in production.
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Store virtually infinite amounts of data in various file formats with out-of-the-box features like encryption, life-cycle management, enhanced access management etc., without thinking about servers and storage volume management. Data lakes, document repositories, and FTP systems can often be of central importance for many companies who work with Tangent Solutions.

Serverless ETL

We have invested extensively in serverless technologies when building out ETL pipelines as major or supporting components for our customers’ needs.

Entire ETL processes can be contained within an orchestration of Lambda functions, each triggered for different stages of these pipelines. AWS S3 is used as a data collector, and proxy storage vehicle for successive transformation or conversion jobs.

Finally, exposing a secure entry point to the ETL system is achieved by creating REST API endpoints with AWS API Gateway.

Serverless Microservice

Facial recognition, email processors, notification systems, GIS operators – along with event-driven security systems – are all but a few examples of microservice projects currently managed and developed by Tangent Solutions, both internally, and for our customers. Once again, Lambda, API Gateway and S3 form the core of these solutions.
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