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Embrace digital transformation with Software-Defined Networking and cloud-based cybersecurity solutions.

Our SDN Technologies

the next generation of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) & Cybersecurity

Tangent’s holistic approach to IT networking, infrastructure, and cybersecurity extends beyond traditional on-site control.

Our expert team does more than install physical products; we immerse ourselves in your business ecosystem, offering the tools and technologies required for an always-on, intelligent environment that seamlessly manages security, connectivity, and data.

Software-Defined Networking Solutions

Harness the power of Cisco Meraki, Netskope, and Cogniac for unparalleled connectivity, cybersecurity, and an intelligent business eco-system.

Tangent X Cisco Meraki


Tangent X Netskope

Secure Access
Service Edge (SASE)

Tangent X Cogniac

Smart Cameras & Computer Vision Technologies

Our Software-Defined Networking Insights

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Cybersecurity and compliance

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