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Author: Tangent Solutions

Published: 25 May 2022

Why Do You Need A Software Developer?

There are many reasons a business client would require a top software development company. Writing good code the first-time round has many advantages. It may take a little longer, but it will avoid patching and fixing messy code in the long run. 

At Tangent Solutions, we understand that the distinguishing factor that determines the sustainability of code, is that it is written effectively to support a business for the long term.

Due to the nature of the current skills available in the market alongside the urgency required to build software and compete in the instant gratification digital economy, finding a quality software development partner is key. 

A quality software development company would diligently assist by delivering a client project, offer continued support and iterate in the form of software development as a service, alternatively, the company could augment the client’s team. Although, there are various factors to consider when selecting a partner.

The Benefits of Good Code to Avoid Technical Debt

A common cause of technical debt is outdated methodologies and poor development processes that are lacking in standards and sufficient testing, as well as quality checks. Another cause, as mentioned previously, is the rushed project scope and tight deadlines.  

It is vital to implement coding best practices in software development to avoid the negative impacts of technical debt. Tangent’s approach to any new development requires clear direction and definition for a particular scope before any writing and designing takes place. If these aspects are still being decided during development stages, it can cause confusion and lead to the project taking longer than expected. Therefore, a clear scope timeline should also be decided on once the definition is in place.  

Therefore, we define good code as readable, understandable, testable, reusable, and maintainable, resulting in code that works as it is intended to with the future in mind.  

At Tangent, we aim to deliver well-documented code from the start by understanding the value and importance of digital organisation’s that can compete in the digital economy, today and in the future.

The Importance of Strategy

The best way to maximise code reusability is to implement a code strategy based on best practices, testing, processes, techniques, and methodologies. These practices ensure code is auto documented and recorded, thus easy to use and scalable. 

Furthermore, any new developer that joins a code team would be able to jump right in. That means that code should be easily readable from the start, no matter who is working on it. 

The Value of Well-Written Code in the Digital Economy

Your business’s software and IP ultimately determine your competitive advantage. In a digital age, it is not the product that makes a business, but the efficiency and productivity of the software behind it that decides whether your business is successful. 

The implementation of good code in a custom development environment is a massive differentiating factor in the digital economy.  

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