Cloud Modernisation and Optimisation

Simply migrating workloads to the cloud is only part of the cloud journey. Importantly, a business’s foundational architecture is imperative to growth in the digital economy. However, it is the cloud and application stack modernisation that makes a business a cloud first organisation.   During modernisation, we focus on refactoring and rearchitecting, as they offer businesses a greater spectrum of value. … Read more

The Best Cloud Computing Service Providers

At Tangent Solutions, one of the questions we get asked frequently by customers is, “Which is the best cloud computing service provider in South Africa?”. It is important to remember there is a myriad of variables to consider when building a business’s cloud strategy. One is selecting the right cloud provider, and another critical decision is if … Read more

The Importance of a Cloud Adoption Framework

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Your business has taken the first steps on its cloud journey and decided to move its workloads to the cloud. It is important to understand that there are various factors to consider in order to successfully get the most out of your cloud environment.   Tangent Solutions works with your organisation to dissect the business strategy … Read more

AWS Data Pipelines

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Collect, Store, Govern & Analyse Data with Tangent Solutions x AWS Get Insights Faster with Automated Data Analytic Pipelines Data and data sources are growing rapidly both in volume and diversity. This data also needs to be securely accessed and analyzed by any number of applications and people. The size, complexity, and varied sources of … Read more

Amazon Web Services Serverless Computing

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AWS Serverless Tangent Solutions has expertise in designing, developing, and managing cloud-based solutions built on Serverless technologies offered on the AWS platform. With a strong focus on event-driven architectures, and microservice design, we embrace the power of specific AWS Services: AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS S3, which form the core building blocks for … Read more

The Role of a Well-Architected Framework in an Evolving Digital Landscape

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What is the Well-Architected Framework? At Tangent Solutions, when we talk about public cloud platforms, we always reference a well-architected framework (WAF). The well-architected cloud framework is the guiding structure to architecting a healthy cloud environment. As a business solutions provider, our priority is to shape digital organisations that run effectively today while considering growth and long-term … Read more

The Importance of Digital Strategy and Planning in Cloud Cost Management

The cloud enables businesses to change the nature of how technology delivers value in an organisation. Poignantly, this shift is more than just selecting and implementing modern technology. Rather, it encompasses the purposeful redesign of implementation, operations, methodologies and governance practices in support and management of a digital foundation. It is this evolution that delivers the … Read more

Are you asking your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) the right questions?

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A well-architected cloud environment requires a host of technologies and integrations. These ecosystems are different to on-premise servers, and as a result, possess diverging complexities which need to be managed effectively. Many businesses take on cloud service providers (CSP) and consultants who should have expert knowledge to ensure successful cloud migration and cloud management. Tangent Solutions has a few pointers to help in your search for a CSP. Manage Run Away Cloud Costs … Read more

Microservices | Deploy Old Legacy IT Systems to the Cloud Automatically

Not only has the Tangent Solutions team automated microservices infrastructure successfully; they have also created a product that produces normalised data and caching – allowing the site speed to increase with each user. Nimble is a product developed by Tangent Solutions that uses specialised software architecture which is deployed into the Azure environment using Azure … Read more

Digital Transformation | You’ve Migrated to the Cloud. Now What?

You have moved to the Cloud. Where to From Here? You’ve taken digital transformation a bit more seriously and have finally made that big decision to move to the cloud. You know it is the right thing to do – better savings, better security for your data and a huge advantage for your company – … Read more

Cloud Migration | Move your Business to the Cloud in Minutes

Tangent Solutions Makes Cloud Migration Quick and Effortless  Tangent Solutions can take your existing CMS site or static content and back it up into pre-built templates which are then deployed into the cloud, also enabling easy infrastructure management. This uniquely automated system built by the Tangent Solutions team, increases efficiencies and grants clients a quicker time … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Storage | Why Pay to Manage a Big Server?

While Microsoft cloud storage has been a buzz word in technology circles for some time, many companies have opted to stay on their server-based websites as this is what they know and trust. Old technology is unreadable, inefficient and unpredictable, not to mention costly. At Tangent Solutions, we believe in owning the experience, not the … Read more