Automate Repetitive Tasks | Allocation of Cash Receipts

Card machine and credit card slips

Let’s Chat! Introducing Tenzing a software robot developed by Tangent Solutions to allocate cash receipts received from clients.  This Robotic Process Automation solution reduced the time spent on allocations by employees from 120 hours per month to only one exception handling now and then. Each transaction time decreased from 1 minute 12 seconds to 14.6 seconds. … Read more

What is Cloud?

Cloud wooden block on keyboard

Webinar Series Let’s Chat! What is a Simple Way to Explain the Cloud? So, if you think about the services that all of us have started using or have become accustomed to using, think about Netflix, Google Photos, any photos of somebody, or WhatsApp. It’s an application or service you use on a device, interacting … Read more

RPA in Finance & Accounting | Innovating the Services you Offer

Wooden blocks spelling progress and success

Let’s Chat! Are you in the financial services industry and wondering how to stay one step ahead? If you still perform repetitive and mundane tasks, it’s time to learn about Intelligent Automation and more specifically, Robotic Process Automation.  Does your Business offer Financial Services? Are you looking for more innovative ways to increase your efficiency, … Read more

Automate Repetitive Tasks | Office Tasks

Woman surrounded by piles of paperwork

Let’s Chat! Introducing OrWil. An Automated office assistant developed by Tangent Solutions using Robotic Process Automation.  If you are not automating, you’re falling behind.  What can Automated Assistants do?  Capabilities range from making bookings, extracting and processing documents and data, sending emails and a whole host of other things that save valuable time and money. … Read more

Case Study | Software Defined Networking for POS

Man at desk of car service centre

Implementing an SDN Solution to Support a Dispersed Business Model Operating a Cloud Based POS Let’s Chat! Established in 2010, Autoboys is an auto parts and glass specialist with 70 outlets across South Africa, 169 fitment vehicles and 290 insurance partners. Autoboys has strategically grown its business offering as well as its market share since … Read more

Code in a Digital Organisation

Female coder in front of computer

Video Let’s Chat! What is the Role of Code in a Digital Organisation? Code is everywhere. So if code is everywhere, it needs to be maintained, and it needs to be well looked after in order for that code to be sustainable.  How do we Look After Code? The ways that we look after the … Read more

What is Serverless?

hallway of servers

Video Let’s Chat! The Change in Computers Over Time Physical hardware: It started with people buying physical hardware. So buying a server, again, putting it on a rack, sometimes below a desk and installing an application on top of windows and then on top of that, whatever applications.  Virtualisation: A couple of years later, virtualisation became … Read more

Automation for Insurance Professionals | Service Delivery

Smiling customer service agent

Let’s Chat! Automation | The Future for Insurance Companies As an insurance professional, you will know all too well that when a client signs up for your product or service, it is just the beginning of an intricate customer lifecycle that needs to be delicately and efficiently managed at every turn.   You use technology to … Read more

Automate Repetitive Tasks | Processing PO-based Invoices

Woman paying an invoice online

Let’s Chat! What can Automated Assistants do?  Hi, I’m Annie. Today, I’m going to show you how I process purchase order based invoices in SAP. This accounts payable process takes the average employee or clerk approximately five to 10 minutes to complete. It involves capturing data from PDF invoices, and processing this data in SAP, … Read more

Optimise Business Processes with Automation | Processes

Group of employees planning

Let’s Chat! Every business is made up of processes. However, it is clearly defined and well-documented processes that provide the building blocks of a technology ecosystem that truly unlocks optimal performance. What is a business process?  Let me begin by defining what processes are. Processes are a set of activities and tasks that once completed … Read more

IA in Supply Chain Management | Processes Suitable for Automation

Woman standing in cargo container

Part five Let’s Chat! What can Automated Assistants do?  Now let’s look at processes suitable for automation in supply chain. Purchase Order Placement and processing typically consists of three phases. Products selection, processing and order confirmation. However, to date, there are still businesses that rely on manual paperwork to process transactions which can be digitised. … Read more

IA in Supply Chain Management | The Impact of RPA

Connected balls in supply chain

Let’s Chat! According to a recent study by International Data Corp, digital economy model, by 2023, over 50% of all worldwide nominal gross domestic product will be driven by digitally transformed enterprises. And by 2025, at least 90% of new enterprise apps will have embedded AI capabilities. Intelligent Automation & Supply Chain  Current process impacts … Read more

Netskope | Dashboard Demo

Cybersecurity and compliance

Want to learn more about Tangent? Take a look at all our Case Studies, Articles, On The Record, and In The News View More Contact Us Enable your business’ security with Netskope’s SASE. Protect your business and employees from any location.  Let’s Chat

Case Study | AWS EKS Microservice Strategy

Brsk Hero Image

Discover how AWS EKS Microservices Enabled Delivery & Optimised Database Performance for a UK Broadband Provider Let’s Chat! Business Challenge Brsk, a fibre network provider that launched during 2021, wished to provide a Full Fibre Broadband solution to customers across the UK. To enable this complete broadband service, they needed to build out their ISP … Read more

Case Study | Mobile App Migration to AWS

Man holding cellphone with cloud image

Architecting an AWS Cloud Environment for a Retail Client to Enable Mobile Application Reliability & Scalability Let’s Chat! Business Challenge Pick ‘n Pay identified the need to move an existing application (Pick ’n Pay ASAP!) into a scalable and reliable hosting environment to meet usage demands for the festive season, starting with Black Friday in … Read more