What is Serverless?


Published: 19 July 2022

The Change in Computers Over Time

Physical hardware: It started with people buying physical hardware. So buying a server, again, putting it on a rack, sometimes below a desk and installing an application on top of windows and then on top of that, whatever applications. 

Virtualisation: A couple of years later, virtualisation became a thing where you could have one piece of tin with a virtualisation layer on top of it and run multiple virtual machines inside a single piece of hardware. You could also migrate those virtual machines across the hardware from, if one was busy failing, migrated to another without losing your application. 

Containers: Containers came after that, and they became even more compact with the operating system component of your application. 

Serverless: The latest incarnation is serverless, where the actual computer on top of your application is running is almost completely irrelevant. You supply the code to the provider running it for you, and it becomes their responsibility to run it at scale. And with the performance as required. You’re gonna see that scalability is immense, and you literally pay only for the milliseconds that you consume for execution. 

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