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Published: 7 July 2023

Are you in the financial services industry and wondering how to stay one step ahead? If you still perform repetitive and mundane tasks, it’s time to learn about Intelligent Automation and more specifically, Robotic Process Automation. 

Does your Business offer Financial Services?

Are you looking for more innovative ways to increase your efficiency, boost productivity and generate better customer engagement in the financial services you offer to customers?

The Solution is Intelligent Automation

Automation has been tried and tested in the finance industry. With 80% of finance leaders having either successfully piloted or intending to implement elements of robotic process automation, digital technologies will play a crucial role in transforming your everyday operations.

Traditional legacy accounting practices are often characterised by high levels of repetitive manual tasks and time-intensive face-to-face engagements. As articulate as you are, human nature dictates that there will always be a margin for error, which can have a catastrophic impact if not identified.

What do your Customers Expect?

In today’s online-driven marketplace, consumer expectations have shifted dramatically. Your customers are increasingly online with an expectation of product catalogues and pricing to be available across different devices and platforms with the ability to engage and transact in real-time.

The introduction of robotic process automation into your financial services planning and pricing allows your business to provide faster, more secure and practically error free solution to your current and prospective customers.

How can Bots Assist Financial Services?

  • RPA is Time-saving: by deploying bots to automate many of the manual time-consuming tasks that take up much of your day, your team can save on processes time and costs, allowing you to focus your attention on customer relationships. And building your brand.
  • RPA takes on Price Comparison tasks: as many financial professionals work with a number of suppliers to source products with fluctuating prices, RPA bots can take on extensive price comparison tasks with quick results to take straight to the customer.
  • Lower error rates: RPA also follows set rules, meaning error rates are also practically eliminated, while RPA bots have the ability to quickly generate reports, which will guide better analysis and decision-making going forward.

By removing the need for expensive service, your team can operate within a secure cloud-based environment, allowing real-time access to resources, reports and collaborative tools.

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