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Published: 7 July 2023

Introducing OrWil. An Automated office assistant developed by Tangent Solutions using Robotic Process Automation

If you are not automating, you’re falling behind. 

What can Automated Assistants do? 

Capabilities range from making bookings, extracting and processing documents and data, sending emails and a whole host of other things that save valuable time and money.


Example of ARP in the Workplace: Booking flights 

Today, I will walk you through one of the many tasks I do for my company, namely gathering information about available flights on the Internet.  Planning and booking flights used to involve having someone manually look them up. Not only time-consuming but often resulted in higher than necessary travelling costs, as not all possible options were considered. Now, I do the research for them and will provide a comprehensive list of travel options, including travel times, prices, and a link to every deal.


Let me Show you How I do It

I regularly check my emails. If I find one requesting flight travel options, I check to see if all the information is missing. I can email the sender and request more information. This request form looks complete. Taking this information, I open various websites to start my search. I fill in all the required fields like one way or return from the end to where we are flying, the date, etc.

Now, I’ll begin scraping the webpage for the required information, like departure and arrival times and prices. And finally, the link to the deals. I do this for a few websites to make sure I have all the available flights. I sort the data and compile it into a document. I then email it to the person who made the request. And just like that, all the information required to book a flight is provided. 


What else can Automated Assistants do?

This is just one of the many things I do to help my company. I can also gather news articles and feeds. Help in multiple HR recruitment processes like on and off boarding employees, invoice processing and report extraction, data analysis and analytics and many more tasks that do not require much human thinking. When it comes to robotic process automation, the possibilities are quite endless.


Humans vs. RPA – Invoice Processing

It takes Sara around seven and a half minutes to process an invoice, while I only take 75 seconds. This means that Sara can process 64 invoices while I do 384. But the real benefit comes when we take the whole day into account. Sara only processes 64 invoices when I can do over 1,000.

That’s 18 times more than Sara can do, allowing her to spend more time on other value-adding activities.

Contact Tangent Solutions and enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution by automating your workplace. Watch the full video below.

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