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Case Study 


Pick ‘n Pay identified the need to move a newly developed application (Pick ’n Pay ASAP!) into a scalable and reliable hosting environment to meet usage demands for the festive season, starting with Black Friday in November 2021. AWS was chosen as their preferred option. Against extreme deadlines and many obstacles, dedicated engineering saw Tangent Solutions deliver the project within a month of initiation.

March, 2022


The Challenge

Pick ‘n Pay – asap! is a tightly coupled online platform consisting of multiple backends and front ends. It spans multiple technologies, collectively these technologies form a powerful solution for online grocery shopping and delivery.

It was expected that traffic and utilisation of the platform would vary hugely from day to day, and between sale seasons, with a large gap between troughs and peaks. This type of volatility could lead to oversizing and inefficient capacity planning with an on-premise hosting strategy. Along with inefficient hardware allocation to power the application, this type of hosting could mean insufficient capacity should traffic on the app spike and more processing storage be required. With Black Friday and the Festive shopping season only a month away, remediation along these pillars, as well as implementation of complex upgrades, seemed like an impossible task.

Why AWS?

As a fairly new application, asap! usage was expected surge quickly as marketing efforts enticed new users. The existing hosting environment was limiting their ability to quickly add scale to the infrastructure and was hindering their ability to release into staged environments, while mitigating risk, as quickly as they needed.

A cloud solution would give asap! the ability to spin up and tear down resources, allowing Pick ’n Pay a “pay-as-you-use” solution. The AWS ecosystem would give them the flexibility they needed to meet their immediate business goals and facilitate future improvements and planned features in asap!.

Why Pick ‘n Pay chose Tangent? 

Pick ’n Pay set a seemingly unachievable goal for full migration of asap! into the AWS Cloud, before Black Friday 2021.

With Tangent’s proven record of quality delivery in high-stress environments, and our ability to deliver well architected solutions under tight deadlines, we were the perfect choice of partner for Pick ’n Pay.

Tangent AWS delivered the project on time with careful planning and our experienced resources supported by the tools needed to work with data accurately and securely between different hosting environments. Tangent exceeded Pick ’n Pay’s expectations and delivered a quality solution that met all their needs.

The Solution

The solution is best described by the approach. A thorough assessment of the legacy environment produced a detailed plan of action, ensuring efficient delivery that transitioned into the testing and handover phases.

AWS DMS, CloudEndure, and DBForge were the migration tools of choice, allowing us to run multiple migration strategies in parallel, ensuring uncorrupted and reliable data at the destination end of the migration. Detailed contingency planning, going as far as a “plan E”, was considered necessary with this high stake project. Our careful planning ensured the final migration, along with the cutover into the new environment, was successful and contingencies were not required.

Tangent provided a solution to Pick ‘n Pay comprising of the following AWS resources:

  • RDS
  • EC2
  • ELB
  • VPC
  • CloudWatch
  • DMS

Results and Benefits

Tangent Solutions migrated asap! within the very ambitious timeframes, taking care of the hosting and infrastructure management. This allowing Pick ‘n Pay developers to focus on much needed feature updates and refinements.

Asap! was live by Black Friday 2021 bringing with it record-breaking sales for Pick ’n Pay. The apps success continued into December with sales numbers exceeding the Black Friday records.

In addition to Pick ’n Pay’s increased revenue, the augmented performance of the app delivered better user experiences. This resulted in fewer support tickets and an unusually quiet December period for Pick ’n Pay’s IT Team. Tangent was responsible for one of the most peaceful Christmas seasons in terms of support, they’d ever had. The application successfully scaled and healed with little-to-no technical intervention.

Next Steps

The stability of the AWS Cloud solution we delivered is allowing Pick ’n Pay developers the space to focus on improvements and overall customer experience within their app and will lead to new opportunities for collaboration with Tangent in the future.