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Published: 7 July 2022

Automation | The Future for Insurance Companies

As an insurance professional, you will know all too well that when a client signs up for your product or service, it is just the beginning of an intricate customer lifecycle that needs to be delicately and efficiently managed at every turn. 

 You use technology to support your business and marketing initiatives. But are you putting more advanced technological tools in place to execute many of your repetitive tasks without hands-on involvement?

Where can Insurance Companies Benefit Most from Automation?

These manual processes, such as customer onboarding, invoicing, claims processing and payouts, can cause a bottleneck in your service delivery.

  • Are you spending enough time interacting with your customers or analysing their behavioural patterns to serve their needs and requirements best?
  • Can you optimally deliver to each and every customer while growing your business? 

Most likely not.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

This is where automation can become a game changer for your company. By introducing robotic process automation or RPA into your everyday tasks, you can outsource many repetitive and time-consuming tasks to automation. Consider RPA your virtual assistant, which mimics human behaviour and streamlines back office functions. 

How can RPA Assist Insurance Companies?

  • Seamless onboarding: Imagine seamless and contactless onboarding, all done digitally. 
  • Invoicing: Automated invoicing delivered on time and error-free.
  • Claims processing: Claims processing kicks in as soon as the customer submits, and happy clients receive their payouts immediately after approval. 
  • Chatbots: As this will involve interacting with large volumes of data – deploying chatbots alongside RPA further allows you to extract key insights and customer trends. 
  • Decision making: Through automation, you can simplify the complex and make key decisions which further improve your ongoing service delivery promise to your customers. 

Operate within the Safety of the Cloud

By operating inside a secure cloud environment, your customer’s data is protected, allowing a strong two-way interaction between your business and customers.

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