IA in Supply Chain Management | The Impact of RPA

Published: 7 July 2022

According to a recent study by International Data Corp, digital economy model, by 2023, over 50% of all worldwide nominal gross domestic product will be driven by digitally transformed enterprises. And by 2025, at least 90% of new enterprise apps will have embedded AI capabilities.

Intelligent Automation & Supply Chain 

Current process impacts high cost due to high resource requirements typically completed in days or hours, increased error rates, impact on compliance due to manual involvement. Resource folks focused on low value tasks RPA indeed but enabled processes reduction in cost of completing process now completed in minutes, two seconds, zero error rate, flexible and highly scalable solutions. Processes are compliant due to automation resources focused on high value complex tasks.

Why does Intelligent Automation matter?

RPA allows supply chains to scale up faster in order to meet supply chain requirements as demand increases. It this becomes crucial for employees to rather spend their time on customer centric business processes that require creativity, judgement based decisions and knowledge knowledge application.

Increased business value supply chain stakeholders can adapt to demand and scale up operations more quickly due to automated processes.

Cost reduction

Organisations can reduce administrative overhead resulting in lower staff costs, better use of scarce resources because this is in supply chain can shift their staff away from low value repeatable tasks towards value added activities that generate revenue and drive other improvements.

Higher quality work

High quality output RPA can eliminate human error and duplication in supply chain resulting in less rework, higher quality outputs and motional processes.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency retailers can get stock delivered faster due to early identification of inventory needs that translates into timely purchase orders.

As Intelligent Automation applications set new standards of quality, efficiency, speed and functionality. Companies that successfully employ it makes it possible predators that do not.

If companies take full advantage of Intelligent Automation, the overall effects on the business could rival that of the enterprise resource planning wave of 1990s. 

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