Brsk | EKS Microservice Strategy 


Brsk, a fibre network provider launched during 2021, wished to provide a Full Fibre Broadband solution to customers across the UK. To enable this complete broadband service, they needed to build out their ISP offering. Tangent Solutions, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, jumped on board to provide AWS development services for the solution, helping to launch the business offering and optimising their database performance in the process.

March, 2022

The Challenge

During 2021, Brsk aimed to provide flexible broadband solutions to UK based customers, with month-to-month contracts, free installation and setup and the ability to upgrade and downgrade services at no additional cost. With a rollout strategy aiming to upgrade infrastructure in locations previously ignored by other broadband providers, and areas in need of effective connectivity during the Covid-19 pandemic, they required quick, efficient and innovative development strategies to meet deadlines.

Why AWS? 

AWS brings advanced and secure cloud infrastructure, a fast rate of innovation and a deep telecommunications partner ecosystem for businesses to operate in the cloud. With Tangent AWS, Brsk was able to innovate and build secure and scalable software-driven networks. And in doing so, simplify operations and reimagine customer experiences as a catalyst for future growth.

Why Brsk chose Tangent? 

Tangent Solutions is proficient in DevOps, Infrastructure, Terraform, as well as AWS Lambda and other serverless building blocks. Tangent AWS provides a scalable and reliable solution with the ability to replicate and repeat workflows without any servers to manage or without paying for idle time.

The Solution

The solution comprised of the following AWS resources:

  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Cognito
  • Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

All these services were used in combination to achieve the solution:

  • EKS was used to host the core Django application and connects to Aurora, which is used to host all user data, and Redis which hosts a message queue for asynchronous tasks.
  • Existing databases in AWS RDS were migrated to Amazon Aurora.
  • API Gateway is used to expose endpoints to the system.
  • Cognito is used to host the user base and to allow users to login to the system along with AWS Lambda which is used to run various custom functionality on user sign up.
  • CloudWatch metrics and logs are used to monitor systems across AWS.

Results and Benefits

Brsk has noticed a significant increase in performance of their database and systems after moving their database to Amazon Aurora. In initial tests it was noted that queries to the Aurora database ran 40% faster than the original database.

Some EC2 instances that are to be used long-term were converted to Reserved Instances allowing Brsk to save around 40% on these instances.

Next Steps

Tangent Solutions will continue to support with maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure at Brsk, and, if the need arises, add Lambdas to improve their back-end functionality.