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Digital Transformation Strategic Services

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Tangent's 4-Step Approach to Digital Transformation

Tangent has purposefully designed this 4-step approach to guide your business through its digital transformation journey. Our approach equips your business team with the in-depth knowledge and understanding required to make digital decisions as an expert would, from start to finish.

To avoid the negative effects of siloed departments and staff turnover, we have purposefully built a fast track delivery option in the form of ‘Sustain the Transformation’. Ensuring your business realises digital maturity growth within one year. No matter where your organisation is on its transformation journey, there is a service to suit your business.

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Tangent’s 4-step approach means a full digital transformation strategy can be designed in as little as three months for your business. This approach includes;

Step 1

Digital Maturity Business Assessment

Step 2

Current Business Assessment Phase

Step 3

Future State Design Phase

Step 4

Defining the Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap

Additional Offering

Sustain the Transformation Phase

Step 1 | Digital Maturity Business Assessment

Surface Digital Transformation Gaps

In order to identify the need for a digital transformation strategy, we begin by assessing your organisation’s digital maturity against an industry proven digital business maturity model.

This assessment highlights possible gaps within your digital journey and offers insights into how your organisation can evolve to reach digital maturity. Additionally, the results of the assessment are analysed against competitors, further surfacing the importance of developing a digital transformation strategy in order to remain relevant in a saturating environment.

Outline Digital Organisation Objectives

The digital transformation strategy outlines the projects, technologies, processes, methodologies and practices, that need to be implemented and integrated within the organisation. Subsequent to identifying the need for a digital transformation strategy, we move on to the Current Business Assessment Phase.
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Get a high-level overview of Basic Digital Maturity Elements that affect digital maturity. Get an idea of where your business is on its digital journey.

Step 2 | Current Business Assessment Phase

Current Business Assessment Discussion
Have a digital business assessment and need guidance on your current business state?

Based on our digital maturity assessment of the business and where the organisation lies on the digital maturity scale, Tangent initiates a review of the current business state.

Moreover, if your business already has the outcomes of a previous digital maturity business assessment, however, lacks clarity and direction, undergoing a current business assessment is the next step in the digital journey. This step enables organisations to define the digital
transformation strategy roadmap.

To determine the current business state, our expert enterprise architects interview key stakeholders in your company in order to understand the organisations’ current context, strategy and objectives.

Gaining an understanding by assessing existing business models, technologies, value chain, practices and processes, enables our architects to build an ‘impact analysis’ of these current models and their effect on the digital capabilities of the business.

The outcome of this analysis encompasses Strategic Business Objective Mapping, Guiding Principles, Digital Transformation Goals, and a Digital Business Architecture Reference Model. These are essential components of the Future State Design Phase.

Step 3 | Future State Design Phase

Once we have determined your business’s current state, Tangent’s Enterprise Architects alongside our Technology Architects, utilise the outcomes to establish a business-driven IT architecture definition that enables modernisation. The definition focuses on technical enablers, as well as the re-design of the current business model, processes and capabilities, to support the modernised business value chain. This forms the foundation of the Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap.

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Step 4 | Defining the Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap

Tangent’s Enterprise Architects identify the key initiatives required to achieve the desired digital transformation outcomes, defined by a customer-centric digital strategy. The digital strategy is structured into a business case to assist with annual budgets, forecasting and planning.
Define your Digital Strategy Roadmap today
The Digital Strategy Encompasses
Phased Future State Architecture Execution Options
Benefits & Strategic Objective Realisation
Digital Transformation Programme Plan

Sustain the Transformation Offering

We understand that adopting a digital transformation strategy is a long-term commitment, which can be hindered by organisational resistance. We have strategically designed an additional service, known as Sustain the Transformation.

Tangent can guide your business at every step of your transformation journey with a digital strategy team. The team aids in advancing, implementing and overseeing the acceleration of all business activities, competencies, models, processes and practices. Employing the skills of a dedicated team allows your business to fully leverage the opportunities derived from digital technologies in a strategic, prioritised and pragmatic fashion. 

Enable a smoother future state transition, with the following
Innovation department set-up, toolkits and mentoring
RFP design, development and management
Digital Transformation Roadmap Programme management
Policy and procedure design, development and implementation
Change awareness programme
Solution artefact definition, requirements and design

Get guidance from start to finish on your digital transformation journey

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Application & Product Development Services

Our application and product delivery services form part of our custom software development solutions. An important starting point is to ensure applications and custom systems have a set purpose alongside desired goals. In order to continuously work effectively and achieve these goals, applications and systems require planning alongside iterative development and ongoing management. Below we have broken these development areas down into product phases as well as a full-scope strategic service for clients looking to take on product development services only.

SaaS Business Modelling &
Product Solution Design
New Product or
Service Solution Design
Solution Definition
Document Design

Solutions Delivery

Tangent offers a range of solutions delivery options fro all your custom development needs. Below is a general overview about how custom development solutions can be delivered, however, the right engagement mode will depend on application and business requirements which will be surfaced through and agreed upon during consultation.

Our Specialised Tech Solutions

Tangent Automation

Tangent Cloud

Tangent Code

Tangent Connect