Tangent’s Solutions Engagement Options & Strategic Resourcing

Tangent offers a range of specialised solutions, delivery options and engagement modes. These include Resource Augmentation, Solutions Management as a Service, Project Delivery and Consulting services. However, there is no one size fits all approach to solutions delivery. As such, to ensure clients get the best solutions outcomes, we follow a client-centric consultative process. During consultations, we surface the client’s challenges as well as solutions requirements and based on the consultation outcomes, we define the best possible solutions alongside the optimal delivery options. As a result of this client-centric model, businesses may require one delivery option or a delivery bundle in order to effectively meet the outcomes of the agreed solution.

The overarching terms of these delivery options are outlined below. However, as each solution and customer has unique characteristics, the granular details of these delivery options will differ depending on the solution requirements of the customer. As such, this is outlined in more detail during the consulting and contracting stage.
Team Augmentation
Solutions as a Service
Project Delivery &
Consulting Services 

Staff, Team & Resource Augmentation Engagement

Staff augmentation allows your business to in-source highly skilled team members for a set period or for the duration of a finite project. Resource augmentation represents the ideal scenario for many businesses looking to solve technical business challenges, while Tangent takes care of the costs and admin associated with permanent contracting, benefits and relevant contributions.

Tangent Solutions’ team augmentation model enables businesses to hire experts across our specialised areas on projects of your choosing. In turn our skilled professionals are afforded the flexibility to commit to clients on a project basis. Tangent delivers resource augmentation across cloud solutions, custom software development and intelligent automation.
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Solutions Management as a Service

Businesses are familiar with managed services as a strategic way of resourcing or managing areas of their business. Although in the IT space, there is a growing need for organisations, no matter their size, to take on an ICT, technology and digital partner on as a continuous managed service due to the rapid pace of change alongside the plethora of technologies available. Moreover, the global shortage of talent is cited as the biggest barrier to adoption by both Statista and Garter.
The pace at which the IT, technology and digital landscape evolves requires systems, application and software to consistently transform in order to effectively operate.
Due to emerging technology and IT evolving, there are growing areas of specialisation within IT. The people, skills, expertise and methodologies of these specialisations are also vastly different to traditional IT.
Finding and retaining the skills and knowledge base in every specialised area of the evolving technology sphere is costly and highly competitive.
Selecting, implementing and adopting technology is a strategic imperative. However, there are a growing number of technologies available, each with its own nuances and business use. It is important to select the right ones for your business needs.
Businesses increasingly rely on technologies to enable stakeholder, user and client experiences. Essentially, strategically selected and well-architected technology enablers are the foundation of positive internal and external digital experiences.
The digital economy makes up over half the global annual GDP, and it is rapidly growing. The digital economy is powered by digital enablers, which importantly deliver digital engagements and e-commerce. As such, technology underpins all digital engagements and transactions which make up our digital experiences.
The digital economy is always on and constantly evolving. A competitive business needs to be architected to take advantage of this landscape. Technology is both the reason for and the enabler of delivering effective digital engagements.
Strategically proactive businesses should consider a managed service with an ICT, technology and digital partner a vital component of business sustainability. Importantly, understanding the nature of technology and it’s importance in the organisations long-term growth is key to business success. Taking on Tangent as a Solutions Management as a Service partner allows organisations to evolve alongside technology.

We enable businesses to take on technologies that match where they are in their technological evolution.

We develop digital strategies to help build modern organisations.

We offer businesses access to scarce skills, knowledge and project management in relevant specialised areas.

Businesses benefit from technologies that can integrate and are built to be retooled and augmented as needed.

We understand the best practices, methodologies and processes needed to engineer a digital organisation.

We implement tried and tested solutions, technologies as well as methodologies across industries. Organisations benefit from solutions and technologies fit for purpose and aligned to the company's strategic goals.

Tangent’s Solutions Management as a Service can be utilised across our specialised areas, including custom software development, cloud solutions, intelligent automation, cybersecurity and IT networking infrastructure.

Project Delivery & Consulting Engagement

Depending on the business’s strategic and resourcing objectives, organisations sometimes require assistance with the once-off delivery of certain ICT, software, infrastructure, modernisation or migration projects. This delivery may include scoping, resourcing, planning, strategy development, implementation and training.  

Project delivery or consulting engagements are generally considered when a business is well-resourced with the relevant skills, however, it requires capacity and skills in a once-off instance. As this is a finite project or consulting engagement with set outcomes, the client takes on the management of the solution or application once the set outcomes are complete.  

Tangent offers project delivery and consulting engagements across our specialised areas, including custom software, cloud solutions, intelligent automation, cybersecurity and IT networking infrastructure. 

Helpdesk Services

Support Services

Our support services form part of our broader engagement modes. Services are scoped as part of a consultation process. This process ensures we surface the customer’s needs to enable support where the business needs it most. 

We consider reporting a key aspect of delivery and believe it is something all clients require in relation to measuring service delivery as well as the performance of the solutions implemented. Our support services are accompanied by relevant reports highlighting the client’s monthly support metrics.

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