Customer Centric Business Modelling

Customer growth, retention and satisfaction are vital to business success. To compliment the modernisation of products or services through a SaaS approach, a business must review the whole customer experience (CX) to create a mutually valuable customer journey. Utilising CX principles and best practices enables businesses to develop digital touchpoints with the view of converting potential SaaS clients, as well as retaining customers. 

Benefits of Developing SaaS Customer
Centric Journeys

Cloud Portal
Cloud based self-service portals for customers and front office staff allowing for faster delivery of information and transactions.
Integrated Backend
Integration into backend applications and third-party applications enables business synchronicity and growth.
outline of monitor screen
Effectively gather business data in order to contextualise and personalise the experience, while making data-based business decisions.

Tangent’s CX SaaS Approach

Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation to elicit, define and ideate the solution requirements.
Define the Solution Architecture to determine each component, the capabilities and integration points within the solution in order to define the scope.
Define the User Journey, this process represents the flow from one activity to another, i.e., the operation of a system and customer experience.
Define the Solution Business Requirements, this encompasses the processing functionality requirements (logical business rules) that define what a system should accomplish and how data is processed.
Define the Solution Wireframes, a visual representation of a user interface and the user journey, stripped of any visual design or branding elements.
Create a Solution Definition Document, which is in essence the solution blueprint utilised by developers to develop the SaaS solution.
Customer Experience Roadmap to initiate, radiate, align, optimise, nurture, and engage lifetime customers.

Create Valuable Digital Customer Experiences

Application & Product Development Services

Our application and product delivery services form part of our custom software development solutions. An important starting point is to ensure applications and custom systems have a set purpose alongside desired goals. In order to continuously work effectively and achieve these goals, applications and systems require planning alongside iterative development and ongoing management. Below we have broken these development areas down into product phases as well as a full-scope strategic service for clients looking to take on product development services only.

SaaS Business Modelling &
Product Solution Design
New Product or
Service Solution Design
Solution Definition
Document Design

Solutions Delivery

Tangent offers a range of solutions delivery options fro all your custom development needs. Below is a general overview about how custom development solutions can be delivered, however, the right engagement mode will depend on application and business requirements which will be surfaced through and agreed upon during consultation.

Our Specialised Tech Solutions

Tangent Automation

Tangent Cloud

Tangent Code

Tangent Connect