About Tangent Code

At its most basic, code appears across the digital organisation. Well-written and implemented code is the technical infrastructure that is able to strengthen and enable every specialised digital area within IT. Moreover, it is an important characteristic of custom software development. 

At Tangent Solutions, we deliver quality future proof code that is imperative to building sustainable digital businesses. Good code encourages faster implementation and quicker delivery, building higher confidence and quality for years to come.

Benefits of Well-Written
Code and Methodologies

Mitigates Technical Debt And Unsustainable Code

Good code ensures simple, maintainable code that is easily understandable. This allows business devs to deliver quick code wins, as well as long term sustainability for future proof applications.

Reduces Time Wastage And Maximises Dev Value

Well-written code requires less patching and workarounds, ensuring your team can focus on building more application features faster. In turn, this will minimise time spent maintaining poorly developed applications.

Enables Business

As code is the core of a digital business, code quality directly influences a business’s ability to pivot. Good code is reliable in that it can be easily augmented to deliver new features in various applications, as well as meets the demands of new technologies.

Maximises code

By implementing a code strategy, based on best practices, rules and techniques, clients benefit from cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable code. 

Enable Devs From Induction To Execution And Beyond

It is imperative that businesses support code delivery with the future in mind. Good code encompasses various elements, including well-configured code management, business best practices, and methodologies. In addition, code requires structured testing and continuous measurement. These steps support business and enable the dev team, while enabling future proof code. 

Ensures Valuable Stakeholder Experiences

Code enables efficient and effective digital engagements for front-end and back-end users. Beyond delivering UI and UX in applications, it is part of a bigger technological architecture that requires sustainable integration and development to seamlessly deliver valuable experiences.

Supports a
digital organisation

By implementing clean code from day one, you are setting a solid support structure for a digital organisation. The long-term benefit of ensuring good code enables ease of growth and adaptability in an evolving digital economy.

delivers auto
Documented code

Well-written code is organically documented. By utilising natural language, the code model is kept and recorded every step of the way, allowing your dev capacity to scale faster.

Our Approach to Code
and Software Development

A Strategic Approach to Code and Custom Software Development

To ensure your code and custom software development requirements can stand the test of time, it is imperative to implement an effective solution for immediate challenges and long-term business goals. Tangent takes a dual approach to code strategy, ensuring any pressing features or problems are solved timeously, while ensuring usable technical code that is auto documented and future friendly.

Our custom dev team develop cloud native applications as well as evolve applications for an ever-changing digital landscape. Furthermore, our team is on hand to implement and provide guidance on best practices, methodologies, and processes to ensure your business IP and current applications can deliver on your business’s objectives.

As a result, we have purposefully developed an approach to project scoping that supports the organisation’s transformation journey, regardless of where you are in your digital evolution.

Our Custom Software Development Solutions

Time and Material Projects

Let us help you mature your legacy application. Implement practices that enable
application stability, delivery excellence, security and increased release cycles.

Key Delivery:

To enable application agility there are various practices and methodologies that need to be implemented in the business, including DevOps and Testing.

As a starting point Tangent defines the metrics to measure and benchmarks the current application, methodologies and practices.

This allows us to create a roadmap with milestones of implementation to best suit the business’s growth.


Application Support

Every application requires a knowledgeable team that can support delivery and uptime once live. We offer 1st, 2nd
and 3rd line support for

Key Delivery:

As part of a client’s project we always offer the addition of first line application support. This initial support ensures everything within scope is working and is delivered over a fixed term.

Client’s requiring sustained support on an application generally opt for our 2nd and 3rd line application support in the form of dedicated capacity to support an application. 

Depending on the delivery line chosen, client’s get dedicated support with a mean time to respond and resolve. 


Create business IP that works by building an application that effectively delivers for all stakeholders. Choose a partner that ensures code is future-friendly, client owned, well documented and agile by design.

Software Development FAQs


How do I Know you will Deliver on Time?


Planning, scoping and documenting is core to the success of any project. Based on the outcomes of our mandatory scoping assessment, we can give a high level scope quote and project timeline with around a 60% accuracy. It is with this in mind that we encourage clients to go through the solutions delivery process with Tangent's transformation team. This process surfaces needs and risks, allowing the client, alongside Tangent, to scope the project, as well as the associated timings with around 90% accuracy.


Do you Offer Application Support after Going Live?


An application go live date is only the start of the application journey. Applications should be viewed as dynamic structures that require iterative updates and management to remain relevant as well as keep pace with the evolving tech environment. As such, we encourage clients to take on a support contract depending on their needs and internal teams capacity. We offer 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support.


How do I know what Technology to Choose?


There is so much technology out there, and it can seem overwhelming. There are various factors to consider when selecting the best technologies for your application. Initially a business must understand their current environments capabilities, it should also account for its growth objectives and future environment state when making this decision. However, selecting cloud native application technology in today’s world context makes good business sense.