Tangent Connect

Tangent Connect is a Specialised Service Area within Tangent Solutions that ensures security beyond your office doors. We partner with Cisco Meraki and Netskope to ensure the best network and security solutions for your business.

Our purpose is centered on sustainability in the workplace, creating a future proof working environment. Tangent centralises IT infrastructures for optimal business solutions, ensuring faster and more secure connections for a hybrid and digital economy.

Problems Cloud Managed
Networking Solves

Proactive Fault

Decrease network down time and intensive labour practices through automated fault

Cloud Managed

Access connectivity data and
insights across your network from any device at any time

Redesign IT Managed
Operations Model

By utilising a centralised network platform, businesses can shift to a
partially autonomous workforce

Minimise Network
Complexity Management

Easily assign and oversee communication media, equipment, protocols, hardware and software for your business

Security Problems SASE

POPI and GDPR Privacy

SASE enables
businesses to enforce privacy policy at workstation level

Cost Effective and Secure
Business Gateways

Netskope provides a competativly priced secure and stable alternative to VPN and APN

Access and Visibility through
CloudXD Dashboard

Real time data and insights into security across your digital landscape

Seamless Security Across Hybrid, On Premise and Traditional Workforce

Security for any business operating
model across multiple applications
including Microsoft 365

Tangent's Approach to Security and Networking

A Strategic
Approach to
Network Design

Technology is being updated at an increasing rate, and any business needs to ensure it remains current in an evolving digital economy. By supporting and updating network infrastructure, the less one will accumulate technical debt in the long run.

Our approach is simple and effective; by using best practice methodologies, combined with new technologies, digital solutions are implemented with your existing infrastructure and business goals in mind. We optimise centralised and decentralised IT services, enabling your business to work efficiently and safely in a hybrid environment.

Our method enables businesses to be scalable, agile, and innovative. Tangent ensures an enhanced user experience, a reduction in long term costs, an increase in efficiency, timeous updates to security features, therefore designing a digital organisation equipped for the future.

Tangent’s Security and Cloud IT Management Solutions

Future proof your business with a modern approach to security and network infrastructure, by purposefully enabling your businesses accessibility and competitiveness within the digital economy.

Network FAQs


Do you need an onsite controller with Meraki Wifi?


The Meraki WiFi solutions come with a fully cloud managed controller and there is no need to deploy any on-site controllers.


How are the Meraki licenses costed?


Meraki licenses come in a 1, 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-year license option.


Do you need 2 x MX licenses if your MX is in high availability?


You only need one license if you have a MX device in high availability.

Security FAQs


What is SASE?


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based network and security services provider.


What is SSE?


SSE, which stands for Security Service Edge, forms the security arm of the SASE architecture.


Why does my business need a cloud security provider?


A security provider helps navigate a modern approach to security, enabling a future proof workforce.