Globalisation Consulting Services

Expanding your organisation on a global scale requires an understanding of these markets, partners, regions, currencies, governments and regulations. As with all expansions, globalisation has an impact on various aspects of the business as well as stakeholders. Gain rapid visibility into the impacts associated with global expansions.
Assess all value streams impacted by the globalisation effort which is likely to minimally include all externally facing value streams.
Determine capabilities that enable these value streams and are impacted by globalisation.
Establish a priority plan to synchronise value streams and related capabilities, rolling out solutions in a synchronised fashion across the business units.
Based on feedback, establish a supporting strategy that allows for realignment within the information architecture and enables the reprioritising of the plan.  
Create a ‘business in a box’, a toolkit for products and services that can be replicated as required.  
Globalisation Employee Discussion

Go Global with Tangent Solutions

Go Global with Tangent Solutions

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