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Engineering Organisations for a Dynamic & Digital Secure & Connected Flexible & Scalable Productive & Efficient Customer-Centric Future

Tangent Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing organisations with digital business solutions. Our services include business automation, cloud migration and optimisation, software development, cybersecurity, and software-defined networking solutions.

Some Of Our Customers

Our Digital Solutions


Our managed services offering provides end-to-end support for your digital initiatives. From planning and implementation to ongoing maintenance, we care for your technology ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Our project-based solutions are tailored to deliver exceptional results for specific projects with defined scopes and timelines. We collaborate closely with your team to execute projects efficiently, on time, and within budget.


When your projects require additional expertise or manpower, our team augmentation services offer a flexible solution. We provide the services of our skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate with your in-house teams in order to augment capabilities and accelerate the execution of critical business initiatives.


Our consulting services are designed to provide strategic guidance and expertise. We partner with you to define digital strategies, identify opportunities, and develop roadmaps for success, ensuring your organisation is prepared for the digital age.

Our Solution Delivery Services

Each solution delivery service is designed to meet different business needs and challenges. Whether you require additional talent, end-to-end support, project specific expertise, or strategic guidance, Tangent has the right solution to help you achieve your digital goals effectively and efficiently.

Our Tech Stack

Take a look at our partners as well as the technologies, languages, frameworks and tools we use to support our digital solutions.
Our digital services cover every facet of your business needs to align seamlessly with your strategic, long-term goals.
Our expert teams bring extensive industry knowledge and technical proficiency, with over a decade of experience across diverse sectors.
In a constantly evolving digital landscape, we stay up to date on the latest technologies that offer new opportunities for growth and success.
Our teams provide your business with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the seamless operation of technological implementations and digital infrastructures.
Our digital solutions address unique business requirements. Whether facing complex challenges or seeking new opportunities, our solutions are designed to align with your strategic objectives.
Our success is measured by the tangible results we deliver. From cost savings to productivity gains, we help your business boost operational efficiency and enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

Why partner with Tangent?

Becoming a digital organisation encompasses building a holistic digital foundation anchored in best practices, robust governance, and dynamic methodologies that ensure continual digital evolution.

Essentially, creating an ecosystem that adapts, grows, and aligns with the ever-changing digital landscape.Partner with Tangent on your digital transformation and optimisation journey.

Our Commitment to Digital Transformation

At Tangent, our mission is simple: to help businesses succeed in the digital economy. We are dedicated to excellence, backed by a proven track record of tangible results across various industries.