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Tangent Solutions (a Division of Jurumani Solutions) is a Born-in-the-Cloud Development and Cloud Consultancy company. We are an energetic company taking an innovative and disruptive approach on digital transformation, from software design to intelligent automation and Cloud. We implement technology, processes, and methodologies that make it easy for our customers to produce high quality products. 

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Reshaping of Internal Audit through Robotic Process Automation

Internal Audit remains a cornerstone of an organization’s corporate governance, as you are uniquely positioned to provide global assurance to the audit committee and senior management regarding the effectiveness of internal governance controls and risk processes. Furthermore, internal auditors are well-placed to fulfill an advisory role on assurance coordination, effective ways of improving…

Adrienne Kelly


Intelligent Automation for Supply Chain Management

Until recently, supply chain management and intelligent automation have had about as much success working together, as Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi had in the Barcelona front row. As much as business professionals have tried to pair them both to improve performance and end results, developing the two assets to work in perfect harmony with…

Adrian Greyvenstein


Teams Calling Features within the Microsoft Teams Ecosystem

At Tangent Solutions, we’ve seen a major call for direct routing inside of Microsoft Teams. This arises from customers who wish to use Teams in the same manner as they have been using other voice solutions. In response, Microsoft has recognised and developed a service to replicate traditional calling plans within the Teams ecosystem…

Alistair Pugin



At Tangent Solutions we believe in delivering value early and taking an iterative approach to software development.


We combine creative talent and software engineering excellence. Our methodology ensures that projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Our projects are open to interrogation at any point during the process.


We have experienced leaders who direct high-performance teams of engineers. 

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Digital transformation is a necessity in the sustainability of businesses in an increasingly complex, digital world. It makes our businesses more productive, scalable, and adaptable, allowing businesses to make cost saving decisions based on real time information and deliver high-quality services and products consistently. In short, digital transformation unlocks optimal business performance. 

Optimal business performance is driven by accuracy, speed, and consistency. Our ability to perform faster, make more accurate decisions and consistently deliver high quality products and services are what sets us apart from our competition. It is what makes us sustainable in a fast-changing digital world.


Robotic process automation (RPA) can help your business be more efficient, agile, and profitable. It can make customers’ experiences richer by letting you serve them quickly, flexibly, and responsively. And put more joy in each employee's workday by taking repetitive routine out of it.

RPA technology is already transforming businesses of all kinds as companies around the world become convinced of automation’s power and make it central to their strategies. They’ve embarked on their automation journey. And now it’s your time. 

 How do you move forward? Where can your automation journey take you? The good news: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel on this one. In working with thousands of customers to scale and implement RPA, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t

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Tangent Solutions is a coming-together of a lot of different people, from diverse cultural and technical backgrounds, all working towards the united goal of helping our clients overcome their biggest challenges through technology. Recently, we sat down and spoke to a number of our team members currently enrolled in our Graduate Program. We asked our rising stars about the solutions culture which we embrace at Tangent, and how each individual has adapted and integrated into our working environment while still being able to bring fresh ideas to the table. 


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