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Published: 7 May 2023

An Example of Manual Processing in the Workplace

Meet Shawn; he was obsessed with detail. He did his admin the same way for the past 20 years, a carefully crafted manual system where he repeatedly did the same tedious tasks. He was the kind of guy who ditched pizza and beer on a Friday for processing paperwork. And as for his presentations, let’s not even go there.

Shawn couldn’t figure out why all his best employees were leaving his company to go and work for Cassandra. Surely, those fancy PCs were no match for his perfection. It all got too much for Shawn. And he broke down in front of his secretary Kerry, and she laid it bare. Shawn was drowning his team with boring, mundane tasks without clear vision and engagement.

Humans Vs. Robots

He realised something had to change, but he was also scared that the robots were here to take the human’s jobs. It was a conundrum. At his wit’s end, Shawn called up his friend Harry, who knew a thing or two about robotic process automation.

RPA in the Workplace

Harry introduced Shawn to Leroy, a robot that helps to streamline Harry’s business and automate repetitive processes. Tangent Solutions created Leroy, the star employee for Harry’s business, eliminating time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Now, Harry and his team spend more time interacting with customers and focusing on the broader strategy of the business. Harry even has time for an extra round of golf and extended time in the clubhouse afterwards.

The light went on for Shawn. Leroy didn’t steal Harry’s employee’s jobs. Instead, he complimented Harry’s team on every level.

What can RPA do for your business?

Shawn called up Tangent Solutions, who created Sarah for his business, and now Shawn used to take 20 minutes to process a single invoice. Sarah can do it in 20 seconds, giving him and his team more time to focus on human-orientated and insightful work.

Contact Tangent Solutions today and create your own 'Sarah'.

Watch the full video below, and find out how RPA can assist your business.

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