IA in Supply Chain Management | Challenges

Part 2

Published: 7 July 2022

Adrian Greyvenstein, Intelligent Automation Solution Specialist, gives us information on the complex business challenges that supply chain managers are faced with today. 


Challenges in the Supply Chain Industry

Today, supply chain managers are faced with a complex range of business challenges.

These include:

  • Limited visibility and traceability across the supply chain.
  •  Multiple systems create bottlenecks.
  • Legacy systems are complicated to manage and difficult to integrate
  • Manual processes slow down the delivery on services and products that are not automated
  • Increased data flows and order volumes affect the supply chain.

Considering the above supply chain challenges, businesses are embarking on a digital-first approach.


The Need for Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation comes from transforming the organisation to take advantage of emerging technologies and the value these provide. These initiatives are centred on reimagining customer experience operational processes and business operating models.

Watch the full video below.

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