Automation for Insurance Professionals | Customer Service & After Sales

Published: 7 July 2022

Insurance professionals can greatly benefit from using technology to implement automation, while they focus on customer care.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the best-selling author and CEO of Vayner Media, credits empathy as one of the strongest attributes to his business success. 

Show your Customers that you Care 

In these challenging times, customers need to know that insurance professionals are listening, actively resolving their challenges and providing customer satisfaction without explicitly asking for it. 

In the insurance industry, customer service and after-sales is your defining moment to show that you care about your customers and are meeting their everyday needs.

However, as a team, you can’t do this alone on all touchpoints, and insurers’ digital transformation efforts need to extend beyond just sales and product development and be embedded right into the after-sales service. 


How does Robotic Process Automation Assist?

Through Robotic Process Automation, insurance professionals can now service their customers’ ongoing needs throughout their policy’s lifetime by automating many repetitive tasks in customer service delivery. Your team can free up much more time to invest in value-added interactions with your customers. 


Dedicate More Time to Customer Care with AI

Moreover, robotic processes take charge of the repetitive, straightforward work while you dedicate your time and attention to assisting dissatisfied customers. What if we could improve our customer service and make technology think like humans? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology can now interpret customer conversations and provide personalised advice and product recommendations without any human interaction required. 

This allows your business to upsell based on your customer’s changing needs consistently. Powered by technology that thinks and acts like a top performer, operating practically error-free and in real-time. The potential for technology to perfect your insurance after-sales service is endless.


Using the Cloud 

By transacting and interacting within a cloud environment, you can offer customers intelligent document processing while generating a one-to-one dialogue in an interactive and secure web environment.


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