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Published: 7 July 2023

The world has changed. Customers and businesses now rely on software to get them through day-to-day tasks.

Automation in your business can be the difference between going from good to great. 

Systems are the connecting blocks of any business. They perform a collection of processes which exist to achieve an end result and often involve a combination of people, policies, machines and materials.

It is critically important to have the right systems in place that complement each other to achieve the user and customer needs while unlocking optimal performance for your business.

Why use Computing Technology in your Business?

Introducing cutting-edge technology and automation into your business systems switches the responsibility on IT software to take on the bulk of your repetitive and low-value tasks.

Instead of hiring expensive labour to complete the work, it allows tasks to be executed consistently and at great speed, thus improving efficiency, lowering costs and minimising mistakes.

The Affordability of Automation Systems 

As technology has improved, automation systems are not just the luxury of large corporations but affordable to small and medium enterprises to

At Tangent Solutions, we specialise in implementing tailor-made software applications that streamline your business and boost productivity.

Applications that Tangent Solutions Develops 

Applications we have successfully deployed on behalf of our clients include IoT, an abbreviation for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things 

With so many smart devices available on which customers can interact with your brand, there are huge opportunities available for businesses to gather important data, which in turn can predict consumer behaviour and allow you to adjust your business strategy. Pulling these important analytics into your CRM lets your business reach the forefront of the customer conversation.

Mobile Applications

Not only does having a mobile app build a stronger, more visible brand, but it also provides a one-stop shop for managing your business 24/7. From brochure Apps that provide an entire visual portfolio for your sales team to illustrate to clients to in-app payment portals for out-of-office hours purchases. A customised mobile app has limitless potential to control systems from anywhere in the palm of your hand.

Cloud Applications

More and more companies are migrating towards a cloud-based business system, allowing your team to access information from anywhere on any compatible device. But the Cloud is more than file storage. It enables real-time collaboration between workers and customers on a secure platform. Office 365, Zoom meetings and even the social media platforms we engage on are all examples of cloud computing we rely on daily in our professional lives.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA involves the use of software in conjunction with artificial intelligence to replace human workers in handling high-volume and repetitive tasks. It allows systems to communicate at speed 24/7 saving you in the long run on labour costs while allowing your workforce to concentrate on higher-level work. 

To learn more, and experience how Tangent Solutions can put the right IT systems in place to unlock optimal business performance, contact us today.

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Systems are the building blocks of any business. Introduce automation into your daily business processes with Tangent Solutions.