RPA in Finance & Accounting | Enhancing the Finance Sales Process

Published: 7 July 2023

Challenges to Finance Companies

What are the biggest obstacles and pain points affecting your finance business’s ability to respond effectively to quotes and generate increased sales? For many finance professionals, it is the exhaustive amount of time spent responding to emails and phone calls while manually importing and exporting data to generate customer quotes.

With the majority of your potential clients communicating and transacting online, the combination of technology and automation in your business can no longer be ignored.


RPA in the Accounting & Finance Services Industries 

Robotic Process Automation is driving innovation in the accounting and finance services industries as service providers look to respond to customers’ changing needs in the digital economy.

  • Automate sales processes: RPA allows you to automate many of your sales processes, achieving near real-time quoting across multiple platforms, while the rule system implemented to mimic human tasks that RPA is based on greatly reduces the incidence of errors.
  • Automate the sourcing of quotes: many financial professionals work with several suppliers to source quotes for lag products. RPA bots can automatically complete this task, generating a quote comparison to the customer in a fraction of the time it would take to compile manually. 
  • Use RPA to create Chatbots: by empowering RPA bots with conversational artificial intelligence, finance professionals can facilitate real-time interaction with customers and handle multi-layered queries while navigating the client towards the ideal financial solution.
  • Communicate with your customers 24/7: you can communicate across a broad range of channels, enabling you to become an automated 24/7 agent.  From your website, WhatsApp and SMS notifications through to your CMS system. Chatbots and conversational AI help you to understand your customer’s specific needs better, creating tailored quotations that meet their needs.


RPA & Cloud Solutions

Operating inside a cloud environment, your team of financial experts can ensure a secure platform for customers, while RPA enables better collaboration and reporting between your team. No vital documents are ever lost on servers. So, ultimately, quotations are processed quickly, accurately, and with the full attention and customisation they deserve. 

Tangent Solutions can empower your business to deliver the financial solutions of tomorrow, today.

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