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Part Three

Published: 7 May 2023

Containers in the New World of Web Automation 

So I’m gonna move on, this new world you’re painting for us right now. We talked about containers. I live in Cape Town, so the only reference I have to a container is when the boat docks at the harbour. And there are 400 containers, and you have to offload them. And in computer wholesale, you’d probably ship monitors in a container to South Africa from Taiwan, which takes 23 days. 

So this new world that you live in, because you educate, you get to help, scale up customers, and as you said, you also write code. I wouldn’t tell everyone that, but you help customise. 

A New World | The Modern Cloud Ecosystem 

You help customers with moving from traditional applications and web applications to a modernised ecosystem in the cloud, and in this case, it’s specific to Microsoft Azure and what you can do in Azure. So this new world, I know you’ve started talking about it, but what is it? What are the challenges around this new world?

Challenges Faced in the Modern Cloud Ecosystem 

So, I think the new world is actually more around customer expectations of their digital interaction with you as a business. 

They’re looking for fast, fluid and reliable experiences. Reliability is probably one of the top KPIs for you as a business. So they want a fast, reliable. They’re looking for functionalities, new functionalities consistently. Engaging in innovative functionalities that they’re looking for and intelligent customisation comes back to this innovation. So, you constantly need to be innovating.

The Problems You Need to Solve for Modern Cloud Innovations 

And to do that, you basically need to solve three big problems, right? 

  1. Open & scalable cloud platform: First, you must use an open and scalable platform. Now, that could be Kubernetes, Azure container instances, service fabric, or many different things, and these are all the decisions you need to make as an engineer or an architect nowadays. As well as deciding which of these has longevity, which has the reliability, security and community support you’re looking for.
  2. Azure standouts: In most spaces, the two that stand out in Azure are the Azure Container instances, Azure Kubernetes services and Azure App Services. And in complexity, they go that way. So, App Services is probably the least complex problem you must solve or the least complex solution you will be looking at. And that’s typically where you’re going to replace an IIS-type application. The second and then the Kubernetes is containers to bring your containers.
  3. Cross-platform experiences: And then you have your cross-platform experiences, and that’s having reactive front ends that can scale to mobile or a browser or even a mobile application in Xamarin. That needs to look consistent with your website. And that allows you to have those patterns and things in place that allow continuous innovation.

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