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Custom Development of a Full Service Data Management & Reporting Platform for an NPO

Published: 1 November 2021

Business Challenge

The Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), is a global, Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that leverages the potential of research and innovation to deliver sustainable solutions to health and development issues. By improving capacity and providing tools that assist with capacity building, COHRED empowers low and low-middle income countries to better resource their health care strategies.

COHRED ingests vast amounts of highly-variable and complex data in the form of reports, research, and KPI metrics. Their challenge was multifaceted. 

Firstly, a radical improvement in the efficiencies of the administrative processes was required to facilitate data ingestion and management. Secondly, COHRED wished to deliver sophisticated analyses of the data to assist with capacity building in their partner organisations via a global learning platform. 

COHRED also wanted to improve relationship management with partner organisations by assigning a single point of contact for each partner, or partner’s domain area. They required project management functionality from the app to simplify the administration of these relationships.

The Solution

Tangent Solutions delivered a fixed-budget, full-service data management, partner management, and reporting app for COHRED.

Tangent Solutions developed the app utilising open-source technologies in Azure. The frontend application was built using Django Python. For Identity and Access Management (IAM), access to the app is controlled via an online portal. The data is stored within Azure’s managed Database Platform as a Service (PaaS) for PostgreSQL.

Tangent Solutions set up the data pipeline and reporting in Power BI and continues to support the client with their analysis and reporting requirements. This included creating a reporting export flow to allow the Power BI reports to be available from COHRED’s learning portal.

Business Outcomes

COHRED’s system enables online submission of reports and data. Due to the integrated project management capabilities of the app, COHRED has streamlined both the approval of, and certification of, completed reports. As part of the improved project management capabilities, each report is tagged with the expiry date on the provided data, notifications are triggered using this date, and the business logic initiated. This ensures that the dedicated internal human resource is connected to the partner’s resource to ensure effective and timely communication around the next submission. 

Additional project management capabilities include improvements to the audit trail. COHRED is now empowered with an app that allows them to present and analyse complex data as it is made available in real-time. Even data within draft reports can now be analysed as it is added. The solution was also future-proofed, such that COHRED now possesses a fully-functioning Software as a Service (SaaS) app that may be leveraged to provide a revenue stream via a licensing model.

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