Here at Tangent we have built a world-class team of Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineers. We have a unique 3-lens view of the hyperscale cloud world having combined our Telco Scalability, Infrastructure Engineering and Software Development skills into a single APN Advanced Consulting Partner team. 

We have structured our AWS services around guiding and supporting you as you contemplate, migrate, operate and innovate successfully on the world’s largest cloud platform. 

Where are you in your Cloud Journey?

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A guided discussion around cloud readiness, considerations and adoption steps. 

We help you get started with the major considerations; overall business case, assessing overall cloud readiness and migration priorities.


Expert cloud architecture and design assistance for your cloud project. 

Getting the most from the cloud requires a different approach to application design, delivery and operation. We help to ensure the fundamental principles around infrastructure operation, application design and performance are right from the outset.


Build a secure, governance- and compliance rich foundation for your cloud workloads and applications. 

When building a house, you start with the foundations. A Landing Zone is like the foundations of your Cloud Environment. It provides the basis on top of which you build all the required governance, security and compliance structures you need. The earlier you get this right, the better.


Assess, Plan and Execution of Cloud Migrations. 

Not all applications or workloads might be well suited or cost effective to migrate to the cloud. Make sure you have a complete and accurate understanding of what, how and why to migrate to the cloud. This assessment and planning factors capex and opex; governance, risk, compliance; licensing considerations; project priority and timing; and specific domain requirements.



Move into a more secure environment with better governance and controls. 

The majority of customers register an AWS account, and then start deploying services into that account. As you grow, that becomes a risky and unsustainable way to work. We help customers build a Well Architected Landing Zone to create a more secure environment with governance and compliance built-in. We then help them move the services into the new structure.


Review existing workloads for compliance to AWS Best Practice Guidelines. 

Ensure your current services are running securely, efficiently and reliably. We conduct a full evaluation of your current AWS Workloads against the AWS Well Architected Pillars or Serverless Lens. Once reviewed, we produce a list of finding in order of priority that nee to be addressed either by yourself or by us.


Start unlocking further cloud benefits with Cloud-Native Architectures. 

Getting the most from the cloud requires a different approach to application design, delivery and operation. We help to identify workloads that are well suited for moving to more modern application architectures like Containerisation. We then assist in the process of modernising the approved applications into AWS.


Start the shift toward DevOps, deliver value daily. 

Tangent Solutions uses DevOps to enhance the collaboration between development and operations to enable the organisation to deliver software quicker, resolve issues faster and improve delivery quality.


Right-Size, Optimise and Save. Continuous monitoring and optimisation recommendations. 

If not managed effectively, the cloud can quickly become a place where money is spent without value being derived. We assist customers in making sure that the money spent on cloud, is spent as optimally as possible.


You focus on your business. We take care of the day-to-day cloud monitoring and management activities. 

Business applications, networks and systems need to run as reliably as possible. The skills and tools required to efficiently manage cloud environments on a 24×7 basis however is not something the average enterprise endeavours to build. We fill the gap, acting as an enabler to Internal IT Departments, while they focus on supporting the organisation with innovation in their industry.


Serverless Development

Scalability and Availability without the need to manage servers.

Using a mixture of AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3 and other serverless building blocks we can help you build highly scalable and reliable applications or workflows without any servers to manage or without paying for idle time.


Reduce support costs with chat bots. 

Customers and employees are using digital mediums to communicate with organisations on an increasingly regular basis. Chat bots have the ability to access data and provide customers with feedback on high-volume, low-complexity queries far quicker than traditional means.

DevOps Pipelines

Setup an automated CI/CD Pipeline to accelerate deployment speed. 

Automate your code deployment and testing, as well as infrastructure deployment with a combination of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), Continuous Integration – Continuous Deployment, and DevOps Practices. Automation frees your development and infrastructure teams to focus on higher value work.

Data Pipelines

Data Driven Decisions? Automate your data flows for increased accuracy. 

More and more organisations are starting to unlock the value that lives in the data the organisation generates. The data has the most value when it is fresh, accurate, available and contextually relevant. Build data pipelines to make sure the data is always where it needs to be, as quickly and accurately as possible.

ML Pipelines

Automated Machine Learning (ML) model training, testing and production. 

If there is one thing COVID-19 taught us in the field of ML models, it is that models need to adapt as the world changes. Setup a ML Pipeline which continuously upgrade your ML Models with the latest data available.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest and most widely used cloud platform. AWS infrastructure and services support everyone from government, telecoms service providers and large financial institutions through to small businesses and startups. Companies use it both for the infrastructure as well as the software development and IT operations it enables. The main benefits of using a hyperscale public cloud like AWS is the flexibility, scalability, performance and reliability it provides, while remaining cost effective.

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