Automate Repetitive Tasks | Allocation of Cash Receipts

Card machine and credit card slips

Let’s Chat! Introducing Tenzing a software robot developed by Tangent Solutions to allocate cash receipts received from clients.  This Robotic Process Automation solution reduced the time spent on allocations by employees from 120 hours per month to only one exception handling now and then. Each transaction time decreased from 1 minute 12 seconds to 14.6 seconds. … Read more

RPA in Finance & Accounting | Innovating the Services you Offer

Wooden blocks spelling progress and success

Let’s Chat! Are you in the financial services industry and wondering how to stay one step ahead? If you still perform repetitive and mundane tasks, it’s time to learn about Intelligent Automation and more specifically, Robotic Process Automation.  Does your Business offer Financial Services? Are you looking for more innovative ways to increase your efficiency, … Read more

Case Study | App Development for Workforce Management

Mobile Application Development to Manage Day-to-Day Aspects of a Mobile Workforce Let’s Chat! Our client, a well-established Channel Development enterprise supports clients in more than 23 Countries for over 16 Years. They help clients establish Sales & Distribution Channels in developing and informal economies via their operational organisation and outsourcing strategies. Such economies pose challenges … Read more

Robotic Process Automation | A Doodle Story

Sticky note layout

Save Time & Money with RPA Let’s Chat! An Example of Manual Processing in the Workplace Meet Shawn; he was obsessed with detail. He did his admin the same way for the past 20 years, a carefully crafted manual system where he repeatedly did the same tedious tasks. He was the kind of guy who … Read more

Case Study | Cloud Hosting with AWS

Leveraging Cloud Hosting to Increase Business Sustainability, Efficiency & Enable Growth Let’s Chat! Akademia is a comprehensive private, non-profit, tertiary education institution providing dynamic and innovative learning opportunities. The institution is committed to excellence in higher education which is executed utilizing the latest teaching methods and technological advancements. The courses are designed to equip students … Read more

Case Study | Improvements in Data Retrieval Times

digital workforce

Developing Efficient Cloud Solutions to Improve Data Retrieval Performance Let’s Chat! is an artificial intelligence software used to streamline business telecoms and infrastructure. More specifically, this tool allows Telecommunications (Telco) customers to automate sales and commercial back office, track end-to-end visibility of sales and delivery, and manage SLAs.   The Business Challenge A vital aspect of’s … Read more

Case Study | Financial Reconfiguration with RPA

Implementing Additional Intelligent Automation Tools & Processes Let’s Chat! One of Africa’s largest distributors, manufacturers and service providers of engineering consumables and components is currently undertaking an ambitious growth strategy. Pragmatically, this business has opted to integrate technological solutions to support this strategy, one of the areas being Robotic Process Automation (RPA). At the start of its … Read more