App Modernisation | Webinar | The New World

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Part Three Let’s Chat! Containers in the New World of Web Automation  So I’m gonna move on, this new world you’re painting for us right now. We talked about containers. I live in Cape Town, so the only reference I have to a container is when the boat docks at the harbour. And there are … Read more

App Modernisation | Webinar | Final Thoughts

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Webinar Series | Final Video Let’s Chat!   Top Five Tips from Our Experts Assess Rationalise Data first Automate Instrument Appropriate digital assessment The more in-depth to do your assessment, the better decisions you can make. The Five Rs The second is to rationalise the use of the five R’s. Look at rehosting, rearchitecting, refactoring, … Read more

App Modernisation | Webinar | How to Modernise

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Want to learn more about Tangent? Take a look at all our Case Studies, Articles, On The Record, and In The News View More Contact Us Modernise your applications and business with Tangent Solutions and Microsoft Azure. Let’s Chat

App Modernisation | Webinar | Why Modernise?

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Webinar series | Part Four Let’s Chat! Watch the full video below Want to learn more about Tangent? Take a look at all our Case Studies, Articles, On The Record, and In The News View More Contact Us Modernise your business to improve agility, reliability and scalability. Optimise business costs in the cloud with Tangent … Read more

The Reshaping of Internal Audit through RPA

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Want to learn more about Tangent? Take a look at all our Case Studies, Articles, On The Record, and In The News View More Contact Us Improve your internal audit process and stay compliant with intelligent automation. Let’s Chat!

Webinar | What is Application Modernisation?

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Webinar Series | Part Two Let’s Chat! The world has changed. Customers and businesses now rely on software to get them through their day-to-day. You can no longer operate on the assumption of having a three-tier architecture in your application. Your businessĀ must adopt an agile approach to developingĀ applications as well asĀ optimising scalability, reliability and functionality … Read more

Case Study | Custom Android App & Report System to Enhance Customer Service

Xamarin Application Development with Integrations into SAP & Data Reporting through a Web Application Let’s Chat! Business Challenge Ceramics Industries approached Tangent Solutions with a three-pronged problem, namely: Administration Client Connection Merchandising Ceramics Industries presented Tangent Solutions with its vision to create an application that could support all these areas of need. 1. Administrative Overheads … Read more

Case Study | Cloud Migration with Microsoft Azure & O365

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Acquisition Migration into Azure Cloud & Office 365 Deployment Let’s Chat! Business Challenge Equity Group Holdings Limited (EGHL) is a large financial services conglomerate. EGHL acquired a controlling stake in two banks, including the Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC), the second-largest commercial bank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. EGHL approached Tangent Solutions to … Read more

Case Study | App Development for Data Access & Management

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Case Study | Android & iOS Application Development hosted in Azure Let’s Chat! Business Challenge Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is a state corporation responsible for the operation and management of all seaports, inland waterways and Inland Container depots in Kenya. This remit includes management of the Port of Mombasa, a key transport hub in Africa. … Read more

Case Study | App Development for a Mobile Workforce

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Android Mobile App Development Let’s Chat! Business Challenge BrandWorx is a well-established marketing enterprise that helps clients establish their sales & distribution channels in developing and informal economies via operational organisation and outsourcing strategies. Such economies offer particular challenges to brands, where wholly-owned, locally-registered businesses represent 80% of the footprint. This makes market entry especially … Read more