There is a common misconception that South African companies need to look abroad to source and procure custom development solutions to take their business forward. Despite what is available on our shores, South African businesses are currently spending up to R3.5 billion each and every month outsourcing major custom software development projects off-shore. 

Did you know that South Africa is right up with its global counterparts, with a wide pool of talented developers, cost-effective solutions, and local support you can work alongside throughout your custom development journey? South African companies have access to wide skills and talent network, with strong graduate programmes that nurture software developers at a level on par with our global counterparts. By sourcing your custom software development needs locally, businesses are not only guaranteed the expertise required to complete projects that are critical to future growth, but they can also compete on price. Benefit from resources that are easy to scale and physical testers deployed to your premises to walk the entire development roadmap with you. 

Explore how Tangent Solutions, Microsoft Application Development Innovation Partner of the Year for 2020, can deploy creative talent and software engineering excellence to custom create your unique competitive advantage.

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Custom Software Development

Local Talent

We can deliver the right people with the necessary skills to tackle your unique project requirements

Time to Market

Need a team of software developers and testers to get started right away? We can supply the expertise you need, from discussion to deployment.


Outsourcing saves your business the cost of in-company salaries, perks and physical capital investments

Repatriation of Jobs

Bringing our high-tech jobs back home allows us to further upskill South Africans with the skills that the economy needs.

Graduate Programme

Our success allows us to support graduates through intensive software development and cloud skills courses, to enter the workforce with sought-after and market-ready skills

Flexible Workforce

Enable agility and cost-savings by hiring experts only where, and when, they are specifically required. Our team work the hours that match your needs and deadlines.


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custom software development

Resource Augmentation

What is resource augmentation in custom software development? It is a process that allows you to contract software engineering expertise based on the length of your custom development solution. For your business, it represents the ideal scenario to in-source highly-skilled developers to solve technical business challenges, without the ongoing cost of permanent contracts, benefits and contributions. 

Tangent Solutions adopts a staff augmentation model which not only allows your business to hire experts on projects of your choice but also allows our skilled professionals the flexibility to commit on a project basis. Resource augmentation really is the workforce model of the future.

custom software development

Strategic Sourcing

For companies of all types and sizes, strategic sourcing makes it possible to meet your complex business needs with maximum efficiency and value. Investing in custom software development, over an off-the-shelf solution, allows you to gain a competitive advantage over your peers, by solving common tasks for the market in an individual way, which, ultimately, will increase productivity and sales for your business. When you strategically source customer software solutions from Tangent Solutions, the unique challenges and needs of your business are targeted. 

You have complete input and control over the use and the future scalability of the software that is being developed. It is a game-changing investment in your business, paying for itself with increased profits.

custom software development

Wider Economic Benefits of Custom Development

By outsourcing tech talent right here to take your business forward, you are not just employing a local company to solve local challenges. You are also fuelling the positive multiplier effect that the South African economy sorely needs. With salaries being paid to the local workforce, there is an increased demand for local goods and services which can boost job creation and allow our economy to prosper. By availing of a highly-skilled and readily-available talent network to rise to the challenge of scaling your business, Tangent Solutions is also investing in the future. We are aggressively building our Graduate Programme to drive skills development which will put South Africa on a par with Silicon Valley, Ireland, and other modern tech-economies. By outsourcing your custom development needs to local companies, you are directly investing in the employment and wealth creation of the economy that demands the goods or services that you sell.

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  • 2017 Microsoft Application Development Partner of the year
  • 2019 Microsoft Application Development Innovation Partner of the year 
  • 2019 Microsoft Open Source Partner of the year